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my country’s service consumer market continues to warm up commercial complexes to stimulate new consumer kinetic energy

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 1st (Reporter Xu Weina) “Tide of domestic goods” is shining, the ice and snow economy continues to heat up, and the series of “Consumption Promotion Year” series is rich and colorful … Consumption is the main engine to drive economic growth and ChinaEconomic growth “stabilizer”.In the first two months of this year, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 5.5%year -on -year, and market sales continued to recover, and consumption potential was accelerated.
“With the continuous integration and expansion of service consumption scenarios, the service consumer market is further recovered. Residents’ diverse consumption needs such as dining, fashion shopping, leisure and entertainment, and cultural experience are continuously released.” Recently, researchers of the China Macroeconomic Research InstituteIn an exclusive interview with the People’s Daily reporter, Bian Jing said that commercial complexes have become important consumer places for residents through their innovative development in many fields such as products, services, and formats to further stimulate residents’ consumption potential.
At present, the transformation of consumers’ thinking and ideas has prompted the market profoundly.Bian Jing analyzed that compared with traditional shopping stores, the rapidly rising commercial complex has shown obvious advantages in terms of formats, environmental comfort and transportation convenience.
This year’s “Government Work Report” proposes that “focus on expanding domestic demand and promote the economic realization of a virtuous cycle” “cultivation and strengthening new consumption.The Ministry of Commerce has set 2024 as “consumption promotion years”.Combined with the current consumption situation, the consumer market continues to heat up.
The reporter noticed that at the beginning of this year, governments and relevant departments at all levels across the country have resumed and expanded consumer demand as the top priority of work. It has been promoting a series of policies and measures to promote consumption.Among them, many cities have regarded the construction of commercial complexes and their investment docking work as key tasks to further stimulate market vitality and promote steady growth of the consumer market.
Taking Xi’an as an example, the construction of multiple key business projects in the region has entered the final stage of tackling.It is predicted that nearly 20 important commercial projects will be successfully completed and put into use this year, and multiple commercial complex will be unveiled.
This series of measures not only show the vigorous development of the local business field, but also inject new vitality into the promotion of regional economic growth.
This year, Tianjin is about to usher in the grand opening of 10 large -scale commercial complexes. It is expected that a total of 910,000 square meters of commercial area will be added, attracting more than 800 merchants to settle in, creating 12,000 jobs for Tianjin City, and for the development of the city’s economic developmentInject new vitality.
Bian Jing said that after continuous innovation and development, high -quality commercial complexes have become a solid foundation and key forces to promote the prosperity of the consumer market, and have become an effective support and important carrier for cultivating and strengthening the consumer market.
“The scale and vitality of commercial complexes will be displayed to a certain extent to the level of economic prosperity and development in the city or region. A iconic commercial complex can even become a symbol and symbol of the city or region.” At present, the country nationwideThe total construction of internal commercial complexes continues to expand.Bian Jing pointed out that looking forward to the future, commercial complex should be more in line with the development trend of consumption upgrades to meet the growing consumption needs of the people.
Specifically, on the one hand, it should be vigorously promoted the development of digital consumption, green consumption, health consumption and other fields, continuously enrich the consumption content and formats, create a diversified consumption scenario, and continuously improve the quality standards of products and services, and to consumers to consumersProvide more fashionable, trendy, interactive consumer experience.
On the other hand, it is necessary to scientifically plan and guide the construction of commercial complexes, to create the core business district of the city with the complex as the core, to reasonably deploy the retail business and service industry, ensure that the functional facilities and formats are available, and it will make it promoting consumption upgrades and economic development.Effective carrier.
Another experts said that with the continuous emergence of new consumer scenarios, commercial complexes have continued to evolve in innovation, not only as a place for public shopping, but also developing into the intersection of culture, entertainment and social networking, injecting the urban economy and living consumption injectionMore possibilities.(Intern Zhang Yisong also contributed to this article)
Source: People’s Daily Online
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