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Commercial aerospace starts a new chapter in development (global hotspot)

Our reporter Gao Qiao
The second launch stations in the construction of Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Center and the first launch station in the distance.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Pu Xiaoxu
In Beijing Star Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd., assembled testers are assembled liquid rocket engines.Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Ziyang Photo
In recent years, the rapid development of the global commercial space industry has become a strategic emerging industry that has attracted much attention.According to the latest statistics of the US Satellite Industry Association, since 2014, the global aerospace industry revenue has continued to grow, with total global space industry revenue of US $ 384 billion in 2022.Among them, the total revenue of the satellite industry is US $ 28.1 billion, accounting for 73%of the global aerospace industry revenue, mainly including satellite manufacturing income, transmission service industry revenue, satellite service income, and ground equipment manufacturing income.
The industrial scale expands rapidly
Commercial aerospace refers to the entire industrial chain such as market -led and using commercial model operations, and content covering aerospace technology research and development, manufacturing, launch and application.The industry -recognized commercial aerospace industry chain is roughly divided into upstream manufacturing, midstream launch, downstream applications and operations.At present, the largest commercial satellite industry in revenue scale is widely used in multiple fields such as communication, remote sensing, navigation, etc. It is the main component of the commercial space industry. Repeated use of carrier rockets is the forefront of international commercial aerospace competition.
At present, the launch of the liquid fuel rocket launched by the American Space Exploration Technology Company SPACEX and the reused use of rocket technology are the iconic achievements of the development of the commercial aerospace industry.The new business models such as carrying the carrier broaden the application scenarios of the commercial space industry.
In addition, Amazon, Apple, Boeing, Britain’s network, Canada’s Telesat, and South Korea’s Samsung and other companies have announced their respective plans to lay out the low -orbit satellite Internet.
In 2023, China completed a total of 67 rocket launch, accounting for 30%of the global rocket launch, second only to 116 times in the United States, ranking second in the world.At the same time, China’s private commercial aerospace has developed rapidly, and the number of business issuance, the launch share, and the success rate of launch have reached a record high.
Expert analysis pointed out that for a long time, government -led is the main characteristic of the development of the aerospace industry in various countries.In recent years, commercial aerospace has become an important part of the development of the global aerospace industry.
Technical breakthrough promotes industrial development
“At present, global aerospace technology is undergoing an important change from scientific research -based technology to meet the expansion of demand for civilian and consumer -level markets. As global commercial aerospace activities are becoming more active, a large number of low -orbit small satellites have been launched on track, and the network formation has formed an oversized.The scale constellation has become a new trend in the development of commercial aerospace. With the rapid development of recyclable rocket technology, the launch capacity of commercial companies has continuously achieved breakthroughs, and aerospace technology has begun to empower the advanced manufacturing industry on the ground. These technologies also reflect the aerospace technology and modern industry.The trend of accelerated integration of the system. “Zhang Shijie, chief scientist of Galaxy Aerospace (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with this reporter.
Expert analysis pointed out that commercial communications satellites and remote sensing satellites developed by commercial companies have been track to achieve multiple technological breakthroughs.At present, the commercial aerospace industry is striving to break through the costs and flow bottlenecks of launch of the carrier rocket. The development of a first -class can be reused by rockets and even reused rockets, and gradually moves towards flight launch operations.This will greatly increase the frequency of launch, greatly reduce the cost of entering space, and vigorously promote the economic development of space.
“The support of governments in various countries is an important factor in promoting the development of the commercial aerospace industry.” Zhang Shijie analyzed that commercial aerospace as an important track of future development as an important track of future development, and has issued policies for layout and guidance, and gradually buildForm in their respective advantages.At present, the development of American commercial aerospace is at the forefront of the world, and it has made positive explorations in terms of technological innovation, market expansion and business model development.Europe is the earliest area in the world to start commercial aerospace practice, and the advantages of head companies are obvious.Japan, India and other countries have also strengthened their support for the commercial space industry.China has continuously introduced related support policies, complete industrial doors and mature industrial system support, as well as the huge demand in the commercial space market, and jointly promote the rapid development of China’s commercial aerospace industry.At present, China’s commercial aerospace has formed a complete industrial chain that is both independent and independent and in line with international standards.
Chinese companies seize opportunities
Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” website recently published an article that Beijing, China, will build a “Rocket Street” common scientific research and production base to attract high -quality projects of commercial aerospace industry chain.The size of Beijing’s “Rocket Street” general building will reach 140,000 square meters. Four functional partitions: common technology platform, high -end manufacturing center, innovative research and development center, and science and technology interactive exhibition hall will be opened in April this year. It is expected to be put into use by the end of 2025.
In recent years, the Chinese government has increased its importance and support for the field of commercial aerospace, and China’s commercial space industry is growing rapidly.In 2024, “Commercial Space” was written into a government work report for the first time.The Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of 2023 proposed to build a number of strategic emerging industries such as biological manufacturing, commercial aerospace, and low -altitude economy.According to statistics, the number of new enterprises in the field of commercial aerospace in China in 2023 was 11,3272, an increase of 28.95%year -on -year 87,844.Among them, 43%are rocket manufacturing companies and 35%are satellite manufacturing companies.Relevant reports predict that the scale of China’s commercial space industry will exceed 2.3 trillion yuan this year.
The international market research institution Morgan Stanley issued a report that it is expected that by 2040, the value of the global space economy will reach $ 1 trillion, of which the satellite Internet is expected to account for 50%or even 70%of the market growth.
“High industrial investment threshold for commercial aerospace, high technical threshold, large -scale and globalization are important trends in the future development of commercial aerospace. The development of the commercial aerospace industry needs to start from two aspects: on the one hand, commercial aerospace companies needInnovate scale and improve its own technical level. Taking Galaxy Aerospace as an example, as a commercial aerospace company with the largest number of satellites in China, Galaxy has completed the internationally leading ‘space flying carpet’ -style satellite ‘wingshel one’ core technology research, The overall technology has reached the international advanced level. This technological progress not only promotes innovation in many fields such as aerospace, communications and electronics, but also has new market opportunities in industries such as equipment manufacturers, network operators and communications service providers. “Zhang ShijieSaid, “On the other hand, China should seize the development of the development of the commercial aerospace industry. For example, through the establishment of a national -level space new infrastructure fund and other forms, the development of the entire industrial chain of the commercial aerospace industry chain and accelerate the construction and operation of the new infrastructure of space.Seize the development opportunities of global commercial aerospace and satellite Internet. “
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