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In the first quarter, 92 brand first stores landed in Shenzhen

  The introduction of the Southern Daily News (Reporter/Xu Yanhe) The introduction of urban business vitality and consumer appeal.According to incomplete statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Shenzhen’s 92 new domestic and foreign brands first stored in the same period compared with the same period in 2023.Among them, there are 16 national brands, 34 South China brands, and 42 Shenzhen brand first stores, which reflect the rapid improvement of Shenzhen’s commercial influence and radiation.

  The shopping center became the first choice for brand stores.Qianhai Yifanghui, which opened earlier this year, brought 35 brand first stores. Qianhai Yifang City introduced 12 brand first stores.Junshang Shopping Center has a small number of first stores.

  The international brand layout has accelerated.In the first quarter, the number of newly opened international brands in Shenzhen increased significantly, reaching 19, accounting for more than 20%, mainly for clothing retail brands and catering brands.

  In recent years, the number of new catering brands in Shenzhen has increased year by year. This year’s popularity has continued. In the first quarter, the introduction of the first store of the brand, the proportion of catering brands accounted for more than 50 %, reaching 53.Among them, the tea baking track is very eye -catching, showing a high -end and characteristic development trend.For example, Ruixing Coffee and Moutai jointly opened the first “Four A8 Eight” theme store in Shenzhen.Essence

MLS Football Jersey