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The "Messi Terms" appeared, and the chaos of the commercial star "lost contract" has a binding force

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Perhaps many people did not expect that the Chinese Football Association did something that made all fans like it.

On the afternoon of April 23, the Chinese Football Association re -revised the “Regulations on the Registration and Regulatory Regulatory Regulatory Regulations of the China Football Association” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”).Among them, the most concerned new rule is that “the organizers of sports event activities should improve the ticket sales terms. Before starting the ticket sales, inform the public’s main stars’ appearance clauses and the handling plan after breach of contract, and the relevant plan will be on the ticket sales plan (ticket sales terms)

As we all know, the background that appeared in this provision was in early 2024. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo led Miami International and Riyadon to reach Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.The victory of Liade was due to the injury of Ronaldo, and eventually announced the cancellation of the friendly match plan with the organizer on the day before the game. In the Miami International against the Hong Kong League Star Team, Messi sat in the bench for a minute without appearing on the stage.Essence

These two activities have attracted the attention of the whole society, especially when Messi has exempted the battle card at the Hong Kong station in China, but when the second half of the Japanese station played for a substitute, many fans proposed to the competition organizer Tatler Asia and Miami International.Criticism and protest.

After these two incidents, the sports industry conducted many discussions on the issue of super -star -playing business competitions for various reasons.Unexpectedly, after more than two months, the Chinese Football Association was the first to “move”.

“Those who can eat crabs are the first one for the time being.”

First of all, it is worth a certainty that the Chinese Football Association is trying to promote the standardization of the football business competition sponsored by sports or commercial companies, but it should not ignore the background of its promulgation of the “Regulations” from the endless industry chaos in the past year.

The comprehensive loosening in early 2023, coupled with the failure to enjoy the top international events and top stars at the door of the house within three years, these factors have accumulated the foundation for the outbreak of the Football Business Championship in China in the past year, and also laid hidden dangers.

It is no exaggeration to say that in June 2023, the Argentine Chinese tournament in the work of the body is the pinnacle of the Chinese football business competition.In my opinion, on the one hand, it originated from half a year before the event, and Messi led the Popas Eagle to win the World Cup championship, helping his popularity into the most heyday.

On the other hand, the operating strategy of the organizer, especially relying on selling tickets, directly promotes the pricing of ticket pricing of Chinese commercial football events into a new stage.High fares have become the biggest label of this football business game.

Although this commercial competition was criticized by the outside world because of the high fare, because Messi’s outstanding performance in the game, the high fare was only overwhelming, and did not produce too much waves in the future.Different from the “harvest fans” before the game, the “return fare” is the evaluation of many live fans after watching the game.

After the successful case of Argentina’s China trip in 2023, many brokerage companies or sports companies have chosen to follow up, so there are later chaos.But “those who can eat this crab are only the first.”

Whether it is Miami International Canceling the China Plan in November 2023, or the Riyadian Friendship Tournament led by Ronaldo in January 2024, and the Miami International Friendship Tournament led by Messi in February, the subsequent football business matches are “failed.”end.

In particular, the latter two have caused a very large public opinion storm, but the two also need to look differently because the organizer and the star’s attitude towards fans are very different.Cristiano Ronaldo is absent because of injuries. In fact, foreign media broke the news before the game.Unfortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo could not be injured and risky in time, causing missing two friendly matches.The organizer also “stopped the loss” before the game, saying that the cost of the full ticket and the cost of the fans’ fans.In early April, some fans have received a refund of the machine.From the perspective of subsequent treatment and operation, the organizers Changxin Media and Xun Sports are still reasonable.

As for Tatler ASIA, the organizer inviting Miami International to Hong Kong, it is not so lucky.After the storm, the organizer Tatler ASIA simply opened the press conference “perfunctory”, expressing that he regretted and took the initiative to withdraw the application for funds.Finally, under the pressure of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Tatler ASIA said that 50%of the ticket price could be returned.

After these storms, the development of the football business competition has been regulated to ensure the interests of fans to buy tickets.It was to absorb the past experience and lessons that the Chinese Football Association made efforts at the supervision level.

Publicly announce the terms of appearance, it is difficult to “lose contract” when the stars come to China

As soon as this “Regulations” came out, many fans joked that this was the “Messi clause”, mainly because Messi was absent from the competition on the grounds of “injury” during the “injury” during the Hong Kong trip.Judging from the final result of this incident, almost everyone has become a “loser”. The Hong Kong Government, the organizer, the Miami International, and Messi himself have controversial places.

Therefore, the content revised by the Chinese Football Association is to block the previous “loopholes” to prevent such incidents from happening again and safeguard the interests of ticket purchase fans.Two of them have attracted the most attention.First, “Before the competition was approved by international organizations, the organizers of sports event activities were not allowed to conduct confirmation and factuality of the event, and they must not carry out publicity activities based on the premise of the event.Pre -sale and other work “

This provision points to the Miami International China Tour in November 2023.On October 15th, the organizer of the event announced the itinerary of the Miami International China trip, but then on November 1st, the organizer’s official announcement could not be held as scheduled.

When the document was not fully obtained, the organizer announced the specific information of the event.From the perspective of the player, this can also see the “mind” of the organizer -not only hoping to hold local pressure to the event to obtain approval, but also to catch up with the progress and accelerate the investment and ticket work of the event.Unfortunately, it is different from the organizer that the relevant approval did not come down as expected.Therefore, after the Chinese Football Association supplemented the regulations, the organizers will officially announce the football business competition in advance, and the chaos of the enthusiastic consumption of fans may be eliminated.

The second point and the most important item of the “Regulations” is “the organizer of sports event activity should improve the ticket sales terms. Before starting the ticket sales, inform the public of the public stars on the stage and the handling plan once the contract is breached, and the relevant plan will be related to the relevant plan.Clear in the ticket sales plan (ticket sales clause). “

Before the well -known stars played the football business game, it is not necessary to sign a contract is not the industry’s secret.This contract has clearly stipulated this contract for the playing time of well -known stars.However, due to the restrictions on business secrets, when the organizer and the stars or teams sign the contract, they will not publish specific details to the outside world.

Therefore, when the fans buy tickets, they are equivalent to “smashing boxes”.Because the fans do not know how much time the stars they want to watch when they buy tickets, they may only play for 10 minutes, and they may kick the entire field.But all of this contract signed by the organizer and the star, or the mood of super star, and these fans cannot know from the open channels.

After the revision of the Chinese Football Association, fans now have “the right to know” when buying tickets.From another perspective, this document of the Chinese Football Association is equivalent to let the organizer make a written commitment to the appearance time of the star, and how the stars fail to reach the time of the contract, how to make up for the losses of the fans.

For a simple example, if there is another organizer invited Ronaldo or Messi to come to China to attend a commercial competition again. According to the “Regulations”, the organizer needs to clearly inform the fans of Ronaldo or Messi during the ticket sales stage.And they failed to meet the breach of contract after the appearance.Compared with previously, the division of responsibility is obviously easier to identify.

Therefore, to a certain extent, the “Regulations” can reduce the chaos of the football business competition, and to maximize the protection of the right to know the knowledge and interests of fans.Of course, the implementation of the “Regulations” also requires actual inspection.At least from the current point of view, the adjustment and supplement of the Chinese Football Association on the football business competition reflects its role and responsibility, which is worthy of praise.

Enhance the transparency of football business competitions and safeguard the interests of fans

From the perspective of industry development, the storm caused by Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo has accelerated the standardized development of the football business competition at the beginning of the year, and also forced the Chinese Football Association to make positive changes in the system.It is not terrible to make mistakes. What is terrible is that you do not make corrections if you make mistakes.Judging from several things in the past, the Chinese Football Association has also reflected on the chaos of football business games in the past year and has a targeted adjustment.

In my opinion, the promulgation of the “Regulations” will effectively promote the standardized development of the domestic football business competition.First of all, this will maximize the transparency of football business events.According to the regulations, the organizer needs to explain the general attention of fans’ on -site clauses in advance and how to deal with subsequent breach of contract in advance to avoid entering a long tug -of -war afterwards afterwards.Today, during the ticket sales stage, fans can clearly know what contents and services they purchase tickets contain, and no longer need to “smoke the blind box”.

Secondly, this will also force the organizer to sign more rigorous and detailed commercial contracts with the participating teams, and even hope to promote the improvement of relevant laws and regulations.Due to the existence of the star halo, many teams or stars occupy a very strong position in contract negotiations, and now there are explicit regulations from the Chinese Football Association, which also allows the organizers to have more 砝 when negotiating with the team or star.Code and confidence.

At the same time, the newly revised “Regulations” also put forward higher requirements for the organizer of the event, which is also equivalent to strictly screening the can now go by bypass.

The introduction of the “Regulations” is undoubtedly a pot of cold water in the fiery business competition market, but the author believes that this is not a bad thing.Due to the desire of Chinese fans for giants or top stars in the past few years, many sports companies have seen the “opportunity of ride”, but the two incidents at the beginning of the year tell the industry that risks and benefits are closely linked.

Betting all the chips on a star, the risk is extremely strong, and in the end, if you care about it, you will be rejected.So should the future football business competition continue to bet on Ronaldo or Messi, or invite the giants club to share risks?This is a very different choice in the first two aspects of the host.

In any case, as a member of the industry or as a fan, I must want to see a “sincere” business competition, reasonable ticket pricing, and the players showing their careers without extraterrestrial turmoil.It is not realistic to make the organizer lose money to make money.The fans are happy, the players play happily, and the organizers make money. This is a happy business event, and it is also the rule of the business competition market to be benign.

It is foreseeable that with the booming sports market, more business events must be held in China in the future.It is hoped that the Chinese Football Association’s targeted clauses will form a binding force on the organizers and participating teams to accelerate and standardize business events and protect the vital interests of fans.

Original title: “Messi Terms” was released, and the chaos of commercial stars “lost contract” is binding | Industry Observation “

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