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You can also experience these "black technology" for visiting skills games

Draw a 3D model on the computer, and then connect to the Internet with the high -speed 3D printer. As the parameters on the computer are continuously rolled, high -speed 3D printers quickly spit and draw on the hot bed plate.EssenceTen minutes later, a yellow cup Too got in front of the reporter.
This is the operating process of He Liuyan, a teacher at the Intelligent Control College of Hangzhou First Technician College to demonstrate the operation process of high -speed 3D printers.On April 24th, the 18th Skills Games of the Hangzhou First Technician College opened. The sports meeting set up competitions and skills exhibitions in the fields of intelligent control, intelligent manufacturing, medical health, ecological gardens, catering and leisure, digital information.
In front of the exhibition area of the Intelligent Control College, there are many interactive experiences: laser carving machines, automatic press orange juice robots, mobile robots … Many students are independently designed by students.Zhang Jiajun, a student of the college, participated in the Zhejiang Provincial Tournament of the National Rural Revitalization Vocational Skills Contest this month, and won the third prize. He showed reporters that through programming setting procedures, the laser carving machine was engraved on the ginkgo leaves, two -dimensional codes, and the two -dimensional code,, the two -dimensional code,,,,,,,,,,, wasCartoon patterns, etc., attracted many students to stop.
“We show the technical projects to the students in the low grades, so that they can understand what they can do, stimulate their learning interest, and understand the future learning direction.” Cheng Jiansheng, dean of the School of Intelligence Control, said that in the future, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence.Control the college will normalize competitions and training to improve the skills of students.
At the scene, it also carried out the skills display of traditional Chinese medicine traits, floral design, hotel services and other projects, and specially set up a new productive exhibition area to focus on displaying the scientific and technological innovation as its core driving force of the Yuan universe, 3D scanning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality as its core driving force.New production models, technology and products help students understand the development trend of cutting -edge technology.
There are many new equipment and new products entering the campus in this skill sports meeting., Attracted many people to watch.
“Participation is to show the enterprise, and we will also participate in a job fair held in the college later.” With the growth of the company’s business, more front -line technology workers need to be in the depths of the cloud.The technician college carried out school -enterprise cooperation, and asked students to internship, and some masters brought teaching.
School -enterprise cooperation is an important way to cultivate high -quality skill talents. In the second half of the event, Hangzhou First Technician College held the campus recruitment fair in 2024.The job fair attracted 122 units to participate in the meeting, providing more than 2,000 internship positions, covering information technology, new energy vehicles, high -end equipment, intelligent manufacturing, ecological gardens, medical recreation, modern services, etc.The world’s Fortune 500 companies such as Hangyan Oxygen Group and Aoz Elevator have provided students with broad career development opportunities.The reporter learned that the employment rate of students in the school in the past 5 years has stabilized by more than 98%.
MLS Football Jersey