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Xinbang Pharmaceutical: Obesity clinics have been deployed, providing health and science weight loss programs

According to the news of the financial industry on June 27, some investors asked Xinbang Pharmaceutical on the interactive platform: 16 departments including the National Health and Health Commission jointly formulated the “Implementation Plan for the” Weight Management Year “activity.It is mentioned that since 2024, we will strive to achieve a widespread establishment of weight management support for about three years. The awareness of weight management and skills of the whole people has been significantly improved. The healthy lifestyles are more popular.The situation is gradually formed, and some people’s weight abnormalities have been improved.

Does the company plan to lay out or have already been deployed!

In addition, ask if the company’s hospitals have to lose weight or technology?

The company answered: As a leading pharmaceutical circulation company in Guizhou Province, the company has formed a full -category distribution system including drugs and equipment. Pharmaceuticals sold by the company’s pharmaceutical circulation companies include the category you are concerned about.The medical service sector, at present, the company’s Uridan Hospital of Guizhou Medical University has obesity clinics to provide a healthy and scientific weight loss plan for people in need.

This article comes from: the financial industry AI telegram