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up to date!66 Chinese citizens’ health literacy, doing so, healthier!Decisive collection →

Hello everyone, this is Huaguo Mountain Orange ~

A “magic” orange cat who likes to “intervene” human health and help humans break healthy knowledge, and people get nicknames“Healthy Orange”Essence

In June 2024, it was the first national health literacy promotion month.recently,“Chinese Citizen Health Quality -Basic Knowledge and Skills (2024 Edition)”Formally new!      

This is after the 2015 edition, after nine years, the country once again revised 66 Chinese citizens’ health literacy to further improve the level of health literacy of the entire population and help the construction of healthy China.

Fresh and hot 2024 version
How can I have the help of Ben Orange?
Ben Orange quickly launched research
Comic interpretation of the latest version of health literacy 66 articles
Let you understand and remember!

Let us focus
Residents of our country should know, should, and should do
Health literacy knowledge and skills
Learn together!

source:Guangzhou Hygiene Propaganda Education Center, Guangzhou Radio and Television FM

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