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Today Gu Yu!What are the suitable sports during the increase of rainwater?

Spring is full, Vientiane updates

Welcome to the rain solar terms today

The weather is warmer in the rainy season

Rainwater increases significantly

Is the critical time of spring broadcast

In addition, it is also given the body and mind

A good time for “fast charging”

Interior Games is a good choice

Prepare a exercise guide

Come and check ↓

Climbing stairs

When climbing the stairs, the upper body should be upright and relaxed. Choose the hip extension as the dominant method.Frequent climbing stairs can effectively improve cardiopulmonary function, increase energy consumption, increase maximum oxygen consumption, and enhance exercise endurance.

Lift exercise

The lifting movement is to gradually touches the ground with the feet when the heel stands normally.The lifting exercise can improve the strength of the ankle and arch, which is conducive to running and jumping. If the body is unstable, you can choose to stand on the back of the chair back.

Force movement

In the room, everyone can also use the desks, chairs and other props to draw for a few minutes for push -ups, chairs sitting, sitting legs, squats and other actions. Through these training, they can improve their own basic metabolic ability while improving muscle strength., Help shape the body shape.

Precautions for indoor movement

1. Pregnant women or people with excessive weight, knee lesions, people with severe cardiovascular disease, and middle -aged and elderly people are not suitable for climbing stairs;

2. Maintain a good ventilation for indoor exercises;

3. Indoor exercise movements should not be violent, and moderate exercise;

4. Try to avoid rapid breathing methods in indoor exercise, improve the depth of breathing, maintain stable breathing frequency and rhythm;

5. Do warm -up and relaxation activities before exercise to avoid injuries.

After enjoying the comfort and convenience of indoor sports, do you still want to try some more interesting and competitive sports?During the rainy season with a significant increase in rainwater, the sports that was less affected by the rain was also worthy of everyone.2024 Archery World Cup-Shanghai Station is about to start. Today I will talk to you about archery sports.At the end of the article, there are good places to experience archery sports!

The event is watched

From April 23rd to April 28th, 2024 Arrow World Cup-Shanghai Station will meet us again with us.The event qualifications and knockouts will be held at Pudongyuanyuan Stadium in Shanghai from April 23rd to 26th.finalsWillFrom April 27th to 28thTake care of Pudong Binjiang Financial Plaza.

Founded by the World Arrow Federation in the 2006 Archery World Cup, it landed in Shanghai for the first time in the same year, and then settled in Shanghai Pudong for 11 consecutive years from 2009 to 2019.This year is the Olympic year. As a category of Class A, the Shanghai Station of the 2024 World Cup Shanghai Station is not only the unveiling battle in the new season, but also the Paris Olympic Games points. Top scooters from various countries will start the final sprint for the Olympic points.

Getting started with flower head

As an ancient movement, the archery movement is constantly vibrant in fashion and modern Shanghai.The brilliant and heroic posture of the arrows and arrows is fascinating.Next, Xiaobu will send you entry -level tutoring for archery sports, helping you to wear Yang and hundreds of times!As well as

1. Raise your bow and pre -aim

The center of gravity moves slightly, and the body keeps upright.Black bows are not allowed to open the bow,Don’t shrugging your shoulders, don’t mention your breath, don’t show any offset in the head positionEssence

Aiming above Huang Xin or someone feels suitable, and then make subtle adjustments during the opening process. Note that this adjustment process is generally from top to bottom.

2. Open bow and lean position

Open bow is the symmetrical force of the front support and the string.straight line, Slowly move from the arm to the back muscle group, and will cooperate with the pre -aiming at the same time.

When you rely on the position, the position of the hand is close to the lower right of the chin, and the bow string is attached to the right side of the right nose and the right side of the lips.The force line that is close to the pen is the most appropriate. If there is a loud film, it should be adjusted to a relying film. It is the most suitable.

3. Aiming and continuous force

The right eye passes through the sight to the target heartConnectedThe aiming must rely on the consistency of the movement. The center of gravity of the body, the offset of the head and tail, the change of the position, and the consistency of the sprinkler will affect the falling point of the arrow.At the same time, the slight shaking in aiming is also normal.

After relying on the position, the straight line should be continued to open the bow. Pay attention to the symmetry of the force of the front and the back of the back.After lips or nose), you can put it on.

4. Sprinkle and bow

Small arm, wrist backRelatively relaxedThe force is transferred to the back muscle, and the bow string relys on the force of the flexing muscles. When the signal sheet sounds, the flexing muscles are loose, and the bow string will slide out of the fingers.After the arrow support, the bow will pop from the athletes, and the bow rope will work to prevent the bow line from falling.

Reminder: There is no absolute right or wrong with action, only suitable for you and not suitable for yourself ~

Experts have come from

What are the characteristics of archery?

What are the benefits of practicing archery?

Ordinary people participate in archery sports

What do you need to pay attention to?

Today I invited experts from the Sports Department

Ans for everyone to solve confusion

Expert profile: An Yan

Associate researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Sports Sciences (Shanghai Anti -Doping Center), a national second -level psychological counselor.

It is mainly engaged in the athlete’s competitive status monitoring and psychological training, and long -term service guarantees the Shanghai archery team and shooting team.

What are the characteristics of archery?

Archery is a precise sports.High -level archery players need to maintain excellent balance and posture control to achieve the consistency of technical movements, so that each arrow can be repeatedly reflected.At the same time, when archery motion is performed outdoors, athletes also need to consider the impact of the external environment such as wind direction and wind power on bows and arrows. They need to adjust the sight or bias in time through extremely high response speed and judgment ability.

In addition, during the archery process, the shooter must maintain a high degree of focus and is not disturbed by the outside world, so as to clearly realize the internal sensation of the body and keep it smoothly.

What are the benefits of practicing archery?

Archery is a very technical exercise that needs to use systemic muscles, especially the power of arms, waist, and legs. Therefore, often practicing archery can help enhance muscle strength in all parts of the body and improve physical fitness.In addition to precise technical movements, it takes a good concentration to complete the archery. Sagittors need to focus on the current task and avoid unrelated distraction.

In addition, Sagittarius also needs to quickly regulate his emotions, not entangled in the results, and throw one.Therefore, long -term practice of archery has greatly improved the level of emotional management and concentration.

What should ordinary people pay attention to when participating in archery sports?

For ordinary people to participate in archery, it is best to choose suitable equipment under the guidance of professionals, master the correct posture and skills, comply with rules, and focus on strength training to ensure the safety and effectiveness of exercise.

Safety is the first essential of archery: Before each arrow launch, there is no one to ensure that there is no one in front of the target, after the target, and the surrounding target; when you train on the same field, you must shoot arrows from the same rays to uniformly uniformly uniformly.Sign a signal and uniform arrows; archery should be performed on your target surface to prohibit the target of cross -racing on the target; it is strictly forbidden to shoot arrows at high altitudes.Put the arrows on the bow; after installing arrows and arrows, prohibit the bow facing the side to avoid being launched in the same target. If the arrow falls in front of yourself, do not move to get the arrow before the arrow signal appears;Be careful with the target arrow to avoid hurting others; the off -target arrows must be found after the training. If someone is looking for the off -target arrow behind the target, letting a person stand in front of the target so that everyone knows that they cannot shoot arrows.

In addition, when archery, you need to repair your body, focusing on sportswear, to avoid the use of the clothes of the equipment to interfere with the normally launch of the bow and arrow.


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Are you eager to try now?

This recommends several archery venues

Go and experience it!

Skywalker Archery Sky Walker Shooting Center

(Lujiazui Central Store)


Lujiazui Center, No. 899, Pudong South Road, Pudong New District L+Mall 6th Floor L607

Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00

SHBC Archery Center


Room 21, 2389, Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area Zhangyang Road, No. 1-2, Huihuhui Plaza Shopping Center

Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00



4th floor of Longzhizhi, Zhongshan Park, No. 1018, Changning Road

Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Shanghai Xuan Gonghui


No. 808 Lanxi Road, Putuo District

Business hours: 13: 00-22: 00

Shibei Archery Center

—— Shanghai Yueyou Xingjie Wu Club


No. 808 Lanxi Road, Putuo District

Business hours: 13: 00-22: 00

AIMGYM target sports club


F10, No. 2909, Hechuan Road, Minhang District

Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Archer camp


No. 506 Fenggu Road, Songjiang District

Business hours: 11: 00-18: 00

*Tip: The opening of each venue is based on the actual situation

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