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This "Xinma Bridge" is making education more AI and more "drama"!

[[[[[my story】

Ordinary good stories are the most touching.From now on, Minhang District Rong Media Center and Maqiao Town have launched a series of “My Story” series.Here, the new and old Maqiao people participating in the construction of Minhang will tell their stories from the first perspective.

Among them, there are urban builders, science and technology entrepreneurs, educators, as well as Ping An Fire Heroes, Public Welfare Stars, Cultural Communication Messends … they are ordinary but extraordinary.They silently dedicated them in all corners of the city, drawing warm scrolls with enthusiasm, and creating a new height of urban development with cultivation.

The teller of this story isLin WeiShe is the principal of the senior middle school of Minhang District Experimental Senior High School.

I am a pedestrian, and Ma Qiao is a very distant place in my memory.The most impressive thing is that the Maqiao tofu that often listened to the family was dried.Unexpectedly, in 2022, I came to Maqiao to work and became the principal of the Shanghai Minhang District Experimental Senior High School.Nowadays, I travel to and from Maqiao every day and watch the more and more familiar street views. The feelings of Maqiao are getting stronger and stronger. I want to do my best to do something for Maqiao and leave some memories.

Teaching innovationMaqiaoColor

“Cultivating people who live a happy life in the future” is the school running concept of our Minhang District Experimental Senior High School. The school has always focused on the development of innovative practice and exploring the growth of students in the new era.

Since I came to an experimental high school, I have thought that contemporary education should pay attention to the ecological environment of education, focusing on the growth of students’ growth.To achieve this new model, it is best to be able to combine the characteristics of the local area of Maqiao, so that students’ attention is no longer limited to campus, but focuses on Maqiao and grow together with the city.

Our school has an inexplicable sense of intimacy with artificial intelligence test zone than the Malaysian Artificial Intelligence Pilot Zone.In this way, after repeated investigations, the urban positioning of artificial intelligence and innovation created by Maqiao has become the fulcrum of our innovative teaching.Initially, we just incorporated the elements of artificial intelligence into the campus environment and built carbon squares and carbon promenade on campus.Slowly, we added the green elements of the carbon theme in the design of the school standard and school uniform, and also started the “palm vein”. After the teachers and students entered the palm line and the palm vein information, the palm of the palm -to -equipment equipment scanned area can be quickly quickly.Entering the campus, the whole process is less than 1 second. 

It is worth mentioning that we have also designed a carbon -themed innovation laboratory to open up the dual -dimensional courses of carbon science and carbon civilization, obtain the title of Shanghai green campus, and encourage students to start from the campus.Because the development of smart campuses in the future will definitely play the role of data deeper, it will change education courses and textbook forms, realize the digital integration and transformation of education and their branches, and give birth to digital education.

New possibilities for interdisciplinary education

Nowadays, most of our students are from Xinmaqiao. They have some awareness of Maqiao, but they are not profound.They know that Maqiao has the site of Maqiao, and the Maqiao culture is a powerful proof of “Shanghai’s foundation”. It is the first archeological culture named after Shanghai named after Shanghai.However, they do not know how the Maqiao culture is named, and the story behind the Maqiao culture.

As an educator working in Maqiao, I feel that I have the responsibility to tell the story of Maqiao’s cultural stories, because it can give Maqiao cultural vitality.With a moment of energy, I used the “famous teacher studio” to communicate with some discipline teachers. Everyone said that this was a good thing and was willing to participate in a member.This is the birth of the master base of interdisciplinary disciplines.

We understand Maqiao culture in cross -disciplinary disciplines, feel the wisdom of our hometown as the course goal, and adopt an influential learning method.Park) Carry out a series of courses to allow students to experience the local characteristic culture of Maqiao and do a good job of Maqiao culture inheritor.

In the explanation of the specific curriculum, the teachers of different disciplines such as our history, biology, and politics will set a theme, and give lectures in 6 lessons according to different curriculum content.For example, in the classroom of Yu Tang’s Civil Education Museum, the title “I come to participate and build a new countryside of Maqiao”, set up task layout, complete historical events, learn to write characters, if I am the head of a school, me, meIn the future, I will choose, I endorsed Yutang to build 6 lessons in Maqiao, asking students to collect historical materials based on the historical materials provided by the teachers and the collection of many ways to collect from the Yutang Civil Education Memorial Hall, website, library and other ways.

On the basis of understanding the historical facts of modern celebrities in the Maqiao area and Yutang rural education, try to complete the historical events and write the character of the character. At the same time, we can combine their own real life and perception.New ideas with campus construction actively participated in the construction of Maqiao’s new countryside to endorse Yu Tang.

I am glad that in a semester of the trial of Johnson Gaoshu School in Maqiao, the effect is very good.After listening to the class, the students took the initiative to go to the Maqiao cultural landmarks mentioned in the classroom, and they were immersive punch cards. They also paid more attention to exploring the people, things, and material connotations behind cultural landmarks.My current wish is to open this cross -disciplinary master’s classroom to various schools in Maqiao, so that more students can hear the far -reaching significance behind this class.

Unlock family education “Happy Password”

I am a people’s teacher and a “host”.Since 2023, I am fortunate to be the host of the family education studio in Maqiao Town. It has gathered 14 teachers from 10 kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, and high schools from Maqiao Town., Parent -Child Video Contest, Family Education Drama Workshop and other series of activities to plan and implement professional enlightenment education from children to adolescents for parents.

For example, we focus on how to manage mobile phones, focus on primary school students in low grades, and invite parents to discuss them together.In the process, in the form of drama, the teachers play the role of father, mother, and grandma in the family. The most common scene in the family -when primary school students are returning home after school, they ask grandma to have a mobile phone and play games.The mother on the side stopped it after seeing it, but the grandma stopped her mother’s behavior at the same time and took out her mobile phone to play with the students.

This scene, improper handling, is easy to cause family contradictions. Many parents even abandon the inappropriate stop of behavior in order not to occur.At this time, the parents of the students who were sitting on the stage watched the drama on the stage would express their views from the perspective of bystanders. Which plot was unreasonable and where the conversation was not accurate … in order to deepen their understanding of what happened aroundThe proper family education method instilled to them, reminding them how to treat them correctly in their family life.

At the same time, we also introduced the career education course of Minhang District Experimental High School- “Career Exploration Society Camp” to the community of Maqiao, such as Guofeng Duxing Society, New Media Center, Xiangzhi Research Co., Ltd., Developer Community, Drama Club, debate, debateSocials, Frenchhegas, handmade agencies, MSG dance clubs and other projects, students join it according to their personal interests, forming the linkage of home -school enterprises with public welfare practice as the core, stimulating students to learn internal drive, encouraging students to transform the interests of the community into applicable to applicable to applicable to applications.The technique of future life and professional literacy can improve the comprehensive literacy of students.

In the future, I also hope to explore and innovate more education courses, so that the development of Maqiao education can continue to improve, continue to move forward, guide more Maqiao students to pay attention to Maqiao, walk into MaqiaoThe spokesperson of bridge culture.

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