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There are many exercise benefits. Which movement is the highest?

Everyone knows that exercise can promote physical and mental health, but what are the specific benefits of exercise for our physical and mental?Which sports are “cost -effective” higher?Let’s take a look at the mysteries of sports science revealed in scientific research.
1. The benefits of exercise to different people
The “American Movement Guide” recommends that they should participate in sports from the age of 3 to the elderly. It can be said that the movement is the “good doctor” of our lives. The following table specifically lists the health benefits of sports to people and different patients.
Second, smart people love sports, people who love sports are smarter
In fact, many well -known scientists and mental workers love sports. They can engage in physical exercise as an ideal method of alleviating scientific research pressure and work fatigue.For example, Albert Einstein, his favorite exercise method is walking. He goes to 5 kilometers every day, between residence and Princeton University;The prize winner and the father of modern atomic nuclear material science are a master of British rugby. When Luuseford was a member of the British Rugby School when he was in middle school in Nelson, New Zealand.The scholarship, later he was fascinated by golf again; Mrs. Curie, the first woman who won the Nobel Prize was also a good movement. Her favorite sports was a bicycle.In northern France, Mrs. Juri rides about 12 kilometers per week when she is in Paris; Stephen Hawking, before suffering from muscle atrophy, sclerosis, this celestial physicist was a member of the Oxford University rowing team.He joined the rowing team mainly to find fun and make friends.Hawking, a thin figure, is an ideal candidate for the helmsman. During that period, he trained for 6 days a week; Benjamin Franklin, many people did not know that in addition to being a physicist, the American founding of the United States was a sports poly -noodle handFranklin is strong and muscular. He loves weightlifting, jogging, swimming and other sports. He is a famous swimmer who has once sighed 6 kilometers in the river.
Of course, sports can make people smarter and have a lot of research evidence.Studies have found that exercise can change the sports cortex, enhance neural activity, improve learning and memory ability, and continuous exercise can achieve better results.Associate Professor Zhang Li and Academician Su Guohui of Jinan University jointly stated in the “Scientific Progress” that the sports will improve their learning and memory ability.In other words, exercise may make you smarter and better memory.”If we do not develop physical functions,” said the British Youth Sports Foundation CEO John Steel. Said is prone to the ‘ceiling effect’. Sports should not be regarded as a subsidiary of learning, it is part of student education.If we cannot provide students with good physical exercise opportunities, there will be great problems in the future.The best mention.Scholars Ballon conducted an interesting survey. He first conducted a intelligent level test on the 330 14-15 -year -old boys and scored them into 5 groups (excellent, middle, middle, middle, medium, and in all children’s intelligence test scores.Upper, normal, middle and lower).Secondly, all children conduct surveys of all children to participate in sports activities through the questionnaire list (of these 330 people with both sports activities and participants), including sports projects, duration and number of times, etc.Finally, a statistical analysis of the survey results found that 75%of the groups with the lowest level of intelligence have never participated in sports activities, and only 4%of the number of people participated in more than 2 sports; on the contrary, 34 in the highest level of intelligence levels, 34The number of%does not participate in sports, and 41%of children participate in more than 2 sports.It can be seen that the more children move, the higher the IQ.The fastest period of intellectual development is at the age of 6-16.Frequent exercise during this period has an irreplaceable role in the development of intelligence.Because people will produce a trace protein called brain -derived neurotic factors, these trace proteins can miraculously promote the development of the brain, so exercise promotes the development of the brain.The long -term follow -up survey of physical education educators Ismel and Gruber found that several specific sports and sports quality are related to children’s intelligence, such as: speed, strength quality and accuracy and academic performance.There is also a mutually promoting relationship between intelligence and academic performance and coordination, balance, and moving.This relationship is more obvious than boys.Finally, they concluded that they have a lot of sports types, good coordination and balance ability to promote the development of children’s intelligence.
Third, which kind of movement is “cost -effective” the highest
The Psychiatric Branch of “Liu Ye Dao” published a research involving 1.2 million people. The research has been incorporated into 75 sports. In order to facilitate statistics, the research team divides these movements into team movements, cycling, aerobic or gymnastics, and gymnastics.Running or jogging, entertainment or other, winter projects or pool categories, walking and other eight categories.First of all, there is a very clear thing about the results of the study. For the spiritual problems such as depression and pressure, no matter what kind of sports types choose, exercise will always be better than not for exercise.
The results of the study show that the most favorable exercise for ordinary people’s mental health is team exercise, cycling and aerobic gymnastics.In addition to mental returns, for the body, the highest health income is the swing movement (including tennis and badminton), which can reduce the total cause of mortality (referring to the mortality rate of all deaths) by 47%.Reduced the total mortality by 28%, and the third place’s aerobic exercise can reduce the mortality rate by 27%.In addition, the top three of the risk of reducing cardiovascular disease are still the above three exercises. The first wave of swing can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 56%. The second swimming can be reduced by 41%.Reduce 36%.In summary, we can see that badminton, tennis and other ball movements and aerobic gymnastics have benefited the highest in terms of spirit and physical health.
So the question comes, can you achieve the best health benefit as long as you exercise on time every day?The result is not necessarily.The duration of exercise is most beneficial to mental health between 30 minutes and 60 minutes (peak is about 45 minutes), and various exercise applications are applicable.But the mental pressure of people who have a duration of more than 3 hours than those who exercise 45 minutes or those who do not exercise will be greater.In addition, the frequency of exercise is also related to physical and mental health. Further analyzing the data also observed the “U” relationship between the exercise frequency and the burden of mental health, that is, people who exercise 3-5 times a week are less than 3 times or more than 5 times.The people’s mental stress is less.
The World Health Organization suggested that adults are best to conduct medium -strength physical activity at least 150 minutes per week, or 75 minutes of high -intensity body activity. People lower than this standard are considered insufficient physical activity.Medium -intensity exercise is more suitable for general exercise people, that is, “feel difficult but not very tired” during exercise. The specific manifestation is that the frequency of breathing in the exercise is accelerated, heartbeats are accelerated, sweating slightly, but can communicate with people simply.It is advisable to exceed “170 -age”. At the same time, it is better to feel tired the next day.
(Source: Yangtze Evening News)
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