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There are 710 sewage outlets of the sewage gates, and Linyi released the work of ecological environmental protection in 2023

Intern Xu Haoyu
On the morning of April 3rd, the Journal of the People’s Government of Linyi City held a press conference.At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of Linyi City Ecological and Environment introduced the work of ecological environmental protection in Linyi City in 2023, and answered questions from reporters.
Improve the environment with pollution control and pollution reduction
Perseverance to cure qi.Grasp the governance of the Shenzhen industry, complete 11 companies’ ultra -low emissions and transformation, 74 rock brick enterprises to improve the transformation, and promote the promotion of VOCS governance of 1275 enterprises in 8 industries and levels in the industry and levels.Key gas stations online monitoring.Grasp the peaks, accurately trace the source investigation, Zhouhui Shang and monthly analysis, the cumulative high -value problem has been disposed of 12,000.Grasp the ban on straw burning, and build a full monitoring, quick inspection, and strict treatment of closed -loop management and control mechanisms.The annual environmental air quality integrated index 4.47, the 8th of the province, the improvement of the province’s 4th.Parent, do not grasp the water.Promote the “ten measures”, accumulate 359 companies, 21,700 livestock and poultry breeding, 710 sewage outlets, 513 pit ponds, 860 kilometers of rivers, and 348 rectification problems.Adhere to the “one -sided one policy” and complete 37 upgraded governance items of the key section of the “one -sided one policy”.Strengthen the assessment constraints, 39 newly increased market controls, and collected 69.5 million yuan in compensation funds.The annual water environmental quality index is 5.20. The province is 8th, and the province is 6th in the province. The excellent rate of the provincial control above over the province is 17.3 percentage points.Do not relax the soil.Carry out the 100 -day tackling operation and clearing operations of hazardous waste investigation and rectification, investigate 4384 key enterprises, places, and 630 rectification issues; incorporate 118 enterprises and 57 plots into key supervision, investigate 241 pollution plots, soil safety, soil safetyKeep overall stability.
Serve the overall situation to strive for excellence
Persist in demonstration.The implementation of 20 projects for “creating first and striving for excellence and leading demonstrations”, Linyi City was awarded the first batch of piloted pilot cities in the province in the province, and successfully created provincial -level ecological civilized counties, ecological industrial parks, and “two mountains” base 6There are 5 provincial -level nearly zero -carbon cities, parks, and communities. The steel industry has been rated by the provincial overall clean production pilot.Serving economic development.Deepen the “four reductions and four increases”, comprehensively complete the annual binding emission reduction task, and comprehensively evaluate the second in the province.Fully strive to fight, 80 newly entered projects, and won 619 million yuan in various types of funds.Adhere to services, optimize the “three -level audit”, issue 1,643 pollution permits; implement “rational” law enforcement, help more than 3,500 companies, and avoid punishment for 61 enterprises according to law.Plastic strong publicity.High specifications hosted the “June 5th” environmental national home connection activities, held 13 press conferences, and broadcast 52 issues of “Environmental Protection on the Road”, exposing more than 300 illegal acts.
With the tackling rectification, the bottom line of the prison
Strict law enforcement strong deterrent.Carry the responsibility of the rule of law, deepen the “party building+law popularization” model, carry out 49 on -site law popularization activities, and build two provincial -level rule of law cultural construction and the demonstration base of the rule of law publicity and education.Strengthen capacity support, install more than 1,800 monitoring of 2379 and VOCS monitoring devices, and carry out 2,232 non -on -site law enforcement.Improve the effectiveness of law enforcement, carry out special law enforcement 12 times, check 4,222 companies, and make the leader in the province with large training scores, and make typical speeches at the national conference.Strictly carried out the “two dozens”, investigated and dealt with 29 cases of hazardous waste and data fraud, and were rated by the national “two dozens” performance.Inspector the real chapter of the rectification.Fully do a good job of the special inspection and guarantee of the Yellow River Basin. 35 feedback issues formulate rectification measures, complete time limit, and responsible units one by one, and implement them with closed -loop rectification, steadily promoting the fast sales number, and 272 feedback from environmental protection inspectors in 8 rounds, and completed 238 rectification.Resolve letters and visits to relieve the people.Compact the responsibility of petitions, interviewed 11 counties and districts, transferred to 325 provincial environmental protection inspectors, a decrease of 187 year -on -year, and the end rate was 100%.Keep the bottom line to build a barrier.Carry out emergency drills of emergencies in the Lusu border of 2 provinces and 3 cities to improve emergency response.Keep the “bottom line”, continue to do a good job of safety production, carry out investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of environmental risks, find risks, strong analysis, and eliminate hidden dangers, accumulate 9175 risks and disposal rates of 100%, and continue to observe the safety of ecological environment.
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