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The tip of the tongue is delicious | Sour soup fish and beef are not one of them. The four categories of southeast Guizhou represent food. What have you eaten?

Southeast Guizhou is a place to enjoy.The hot and sour, unique flavor.Many native plants born in the mountains and beside the stream are cooked in hand, or make spices. They are original and pleasant.

Each region’s food culture must be very different from the regional characteristics. Although the “acid” is very popular in the southeast of Guizhou, the other three are really strange and strange.Four categories of representative foods-

Sour soup fish is the most popular dish by tourists in southeast Guizhou.

After the fresh live carp is opened to the internal organs, it is slightly marinated with a little rice wine, ginger, and peppercorns. After the soup is made and boiled, the fish will be put on the pot.The cooked fish is fresh and delicious, and the soup is slightly sour and sweet. It is very appetizing sour soup: clear sour soup and red acid soup.Red acid soup is frying with a hot pepper and frying, add water to the sour soup, add ginger, garlic mud and other fish spices in the soup.

The beef and sour soup are compatible with sour soup. The meat is tender and the taste is pure.The production of its soup is the same as the sour soup fish.The beef beef in southeast Guizhou grew up in the original ecological environment of the mountain. Its fleshy and rich in natural grass vitamins are very beneficial to the human body.Due to the charm of the sour soup series, there is a wide range of saying in southeast Guizhou: I do n’t eat acid for three days, walking and rushing.

It is a traditional condiment in Qiaogang Village, Datang Town, Datang Town, Miandang, Southeast Guizhou. Leishan fish sauce color is seductive, fish’s sauce and red pepper are complemented, and a small spoon is enough to make any dishes delicious.Under the precipitation of time, the fish sauce slowly fermented, and the indulgeous deliciousness was precipitated. It is a mysterious recipe unique to the Miao family. Its flavor is fragrant and the fish flavor is strong.

Leishan fish sauce is brilliant in “China 2 on the Tip of the Tongue”, which has made many people know that this delicious special sauce has greatly increased.

“Niu Yantu Hot Pot” is one of the cuisine in southeast Guizhou. Only in the local area can you eat the most authentic beef.The bile bile and the condiments are put into the pot and the flavor is slowly boiled. The taste is slightly bitter and the fragrance is scent.In the winter, the “Niu Yantu Hot Pot” is very hot. When each shop is boiled, there will be “unique recipes”, and the spices are different from Chinese herbal medicine.

Sheep is especially famous for the Rongjiang tower stone.Production method: Cut the lamb into silk, with a variety of spices such as lamb, ginger, ginger, garlic, star anise, back incense, sand ginger pepper and other spices, pour in the oil pan and stir -fry, so that the fragrance of the spice can enter the lamb, sheep miscellaneousAmong them, cook a little rice wine, stir -fry and put it in the small pot and cook it on the small stove.Add a little juice to cook, the taste is very fragrant, and it is slightly bitter.

This is a deliciousness from the ecology of the Dashanyuan. How many guests have praised them after eating.If there is a surplus, it is a special name to be packed and taken away at the expense of packaging. Some people often take this dish to visit friends and visit friends on the same day.

Even though Niu Yan itself is a very nourishing food, but because of the puppet’s practice, many Guangdong tourists will be included in the challenge items when they come to southeast Guizhou.

The plasma ducks of Sansui and Tianzhu have been famous for a long time.

The method of entering the pot is: After cutting the ducks, pour it into the oil pan and stir -fry, and use ginger, garlic, star anise, grass fruit, sand ginger, wine and other spices to stir -fry.When you get out of the pot, pour the blood of the duck and stir it.It tastes tender, and its plasma soup has a kind of unique fragrance. Eating with its rice can make people appetite.

As the most well -known signature dish in Huangping County, the large intestine of the soup can be quite famous in the entire southeast of Guizhou. Many tourists who come to Huang Ping must taste.However, the odor of the soup also made many foreign diners unable to bear it, so they joked that it was “Guizhou’s stinky tofu”.

The key to the success of the dish of the large intestine of the soup lies in the production of soup. The production of the soup first needs to put the selected green vegetables, pepper, garlic, glutinous rice, special yeast, etc.When the time is sufficient, you can open it. When you need to eat it, make the good soup and simmer the soup. Slowly simmering in low heat. Then you can cook it with other meats., Onion, garlic, monosodium glutamate, and salt are dipped in water to dip.

Zhenyuan Dao cuisine has a history of more than 500 years.Because the longer this dish is stored, the better the quality, the more beautiful the taste, so it is also called “old dish”.Dao vegetables are made of large raw vegetables, using traditional craftsmanship and microwave sterilization, and vacuum seal packaging.Its color is yellow -brown, sweet and fragrant, rich in nutrients such as amino acids and vitamin C. It has the effect of appetizing and spleen. It is a “green” health food suitable for both men and women and children.It is really a dish to steam the meat with the town’s Yuan Dao dishes.

The fish and meat are marinated in the jar. Sweet and sour and spicy uses the glutinous rice under the pickled fish.The production of pickled meat and pickled fish is very special. After a period of time with peppercorns, wine, and pickled, mix with pepper powder and pepper powder into the leisurely, and then use a special wooden barrel to spread the fish or meat for a layer.Put the mixed lees in the first layer of mixing, put it in the barrel layer by layer.Finally, cover it with a wooden board, and then press it with a large stone on the lid to make it marinate into the meat until it is not smelled until the wine taste is not smelled.Pickled meat pickled fish is pure red, and it tastes slightly sour and spicy.

Keyword interpretation copywriting: local diet that is accustomed to, high frequency of consumption

The roasted fish is to remove the currently caught fish from the field and wash them off the internal organs. String them with a wooden stick or small bamboo. Take some dry branches on the spot and lit.At the same time, some people go to the mountains to pick wild green onions, wild vegetables, mountain pepper, wild pepper, etc. as condiments. After the fish is cooked, the cut “condiments” are mixed with an appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, and soy sauce.The fragrance of the nose was drooling.

Social rice is a special glutinous rice. The bacon is cut into grains. It is mixed with the steamed glutinous rice and steamed it again.Its fragrance is unique and not greasy.Social rice was an ancient diet that sacrificed the land god.At the same time, because artemisiamid has the effects of preventing and treating diseases such as swelling and pain, sturgeon, malaria, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, Social Rice is also a common variety in traditional medicated diet.

Roll powder, wrap the sauce with rice noodles and roll it into a tube to roll.There are two characteristics of Rongjiang roll powder. One is that the rice noodles are thin and elastic. This is the first process of making rice noodles.The second is the filling of the “whistle”. It must be fried with a variety of raw materials such as meat foam, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, lettuce, etc., so that the fragrance of shiitake mushrooms and lettuce has the crispness of bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots.After the roll powder is wrapped, add a little soy sauce, vinegar, garlic juice, etc. After moisturizing and mixing, the entrance has a crispy and smooth feeling, which is very comfortable to taste.

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