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The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission released the 6 categories and 42 basic education work points this year to promote the expansion of quality and quality

  Promote the national obligationThe establishment of the high -quality balanced development zone has promoted the first batch of six districts that have been undergoing on -site supervision and evaluation to consolidate the creation results, and promote the implementation tasks of the remaining 10 districts.Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission released 6 categories and 42 basic work points in 2024, deepen the obligations of high -quality balanced actions, strive to expand the supply of high -quality educational resources, accelerate the establishment of a high -quality and balanced basic education system, and strive to run the basic education of the people.

  Strengthen city and district linkage, coordinate the promotion of policies such as public junior high school strong school projects, high -quality development of new and high -quality schools, the construction of demonstration school district groups, and urban and rural schools to work together to jointly plan planning to strengthen support services for basic education in suburban basic education., Further expand high -quality educational resources.Promote the construction of boarding schools, and run the necessary small -scale schools.

  How to explore the establishment of a long -term mechanism for the establishment of scientific education and plus law in the “double reduction”?The main points of the work are clear, promote scientific education, strengthen the teaching of scientific disciplines in primary and secondary schools, and promote the construction of the scientific education experimental zone and experimental school in primary and secondary schools.Promote the joint teaching and research of universities and primary and secondary schools, advocate joint construction of innovation laboratories, science popularization stations, and talent cultivation classes, and explore the “dual mentor” system of universities and middle schools.Improve the work mechanism of science and education, and promote the radiation of high -quality science and education resources towards schools.Promote the open places and courses of Shanghai students (youth) science and technology education bases, and carry out classic guidelines for youth science and technology education.Guide the legitimate operation and standardization of science and technology training institutions, meet the individual needs of students, and strengthen family science education.

  In terms of strengthening school sports, further improve the health level of primary and secondary school students.Deepen the integration of physical education and carry out a new round of school sports “one -stop” talent training system.Implement 5 physical education classes and 2 physical education classes per week to gradually increase the time of junior high school and high school physical education classes, and promote 1 hour of exercise in each school and outside of schools per day.With sports teachers and launching layered training, promote the establishment of coaching posts in schools, and implement the opening of the school’s stadium.

  At the same time, Kaiqi Kai has a good art course, providing diverse and personalized art elective courses and after -school services.Enrich the content of the aesthetic education course outside the school, and develop and record various cultural and artistic courses on relying on high -quality cultural and educational units and famous teachers and famous masters.Strengthen the construction of school aesthetic education teachers, and regularly carry out training in art teachers and managers, and the principal’s artistic literacy improvement training classes.Promote the cultivation layout of school art “one dragon”, strengthen the construction of student art teams in the municipal and district levels and the “five” high -level student art troupes and alliance construction, and establish a normalized student art performance mechanism.

  In terms of labor education, build a school labor education curriculum system, compile school labor practice guidance manuals and student labor manuals, implement the compulsory education education for labor education at no less than 1 lesson per week, and improve the system for the establishment of a labor education list with the school.Strengthen the construction of labor education bases, implement the localization management of the base, strengthen the construction of resource courses and teachers, and develop labor education practice bases and high -quality project construction standards.Promote the local legislation of outside school.Improve student labor literacy evaluation system, rely on Shanghai middle school students ‘social practice electronic recording platform, and promote students’ labor literacy evaluationPlatform construction.