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The level of internationalization has repeatedly innovated high SIAL Seattle International Food Exhibition in September Shenzhen

Source: tongue snack shop

On June 7, the Shenzhen Municipal Government News Office released a set of data: In the first four months of 2024, the total import and export of Shenzhen had reached 1.41 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.8%year -on -year.The powerful momentum of Shenzhen’s economy also shows its increasing influence in global trade.Against such an internationalization, SIAL Seattle International Food Exhibition will open at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) from September 2nd to 4th. It is expected that more than 1,500 exhibitors from 43 countries and regions, as well as nearby67,000 professionals.

2024 is not only the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, but also the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the SIAL brand.The SIAL brand has built this world -class food and drink trade platform with the posture of the Shanghai and Shenzhen doubles. After the successful conclusion of the Shanghai Exhibition, the SIAL Seattle Exhibition will continue to cultivate Shenzhen, serve the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, radiate Southeast Asia, promote China and China and and China and China.Deep integration of the global food and beverage industry.The SIAL World Food Industry Summit held in the same period will cover: Five sub -forums of food and drinking private directors, new health food development forums, food import and export forums, global new retail forums, food and drinking to sea training camp, and SIAL Innovation Contest, SIALSeattle International Gold Award, SIAL CUP Bafenist Competition, SIAL China Tea Drinking Division Contest, SIAL snack festival and other events and events.

Companies at home and abroad gather together

International vision has been highly recognized by exhibitors

Zhou Mingwu, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, highly evaluated the SIAL Seattle Exhibition (Shenzhen) in 2023: The successful landing of SIAL Seattle (Shenzhen) is a successful model of Shenzhen’s international convention and exhibition capital.At the same time, Zhou Mingwu also said: Shenzhen is one of the most dynamic and most open -to -public areas in China, and the SIAL Seattle Exhibition can strategically lay out Shenzhen and will land the exhibition with high -quality and efficient land.Development opportunities to achieve complementary advantages, further promote Shenzhen to fulfill important cities with “buying global selling globe”, and create an international consumer center city and trading center city that is based on the Greater Bay Area, radiate the country, and links the global consumer.

In 2023, the SIAL Seattle Exhibition (Shenzhen) brought together 1,200+ exhibitors in 33 countries and regions around the world, and attracted a total of 52,792 professionals.The level of internationalization is unique.SIAL Seattle Exhibition (Shenzhen) not only attracted international exhibition groups such as the United States, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., but also high repurchase rates such as Haderson honey, MRS Rogers seasoning, shellRondis Cheese series products, Japanese creative snack brands and Tangping, proud ice cream, aristocratic trees in Malaysia, Malaysia Direct Sauce Skin Durian Moon Cake.At the same time, there are also many well -known Southeast Asian buyers, including dealers Wemble, Zaller SDN BHD, Wembs Marketing, Prima Foods SUPPLY, etc., as well as The Store Pacific Milimewa, LOTUS (convenience store), Jaya (Fresh Fresh Supermarket,)wait.

SIAL’s brand energy and international platform effects have also been highly evaluated by the exhibitors.In 2023, while the Dongguan Lianhe Foods participated in the SIAL Seattle Exhibition (Shanghai), but also appeared in the SIAL Seattle Exhibition (Shenzhen).Lai Bingxiang, the general manager of Dongguan Lianhe Food, said, “SIAL has a long history, and the popularity and influence of precipitated in the industry are obvious to all, especially in the field of imported foods. Compared with other exhibitions, SIAL’s annual holding time is also every year.It happens to be more conducive to China Merchants Cooperation. “

Lai Bingxiang emphasized that “the SIAL team can be said to be well -known in terms of professionalism, responsibility, and international vision and resource radiation capabilities. In addition, South China has always been an important position for our.very high.”

Relying on the SIAL Seattle Exhibition (Shanghai), one of the “SIAL World’s Three Food Exhibitions”, with the “SIAL World Exhibition Dialogue World Landmarks” as the development vision, the SIAL Seattle Exhibition (Shenzhen) in 2024 will be high -quality, high -quality, cutting -edge, cutting -edge, cutting -edge, cutting -edge, and cutting -edge.、特色、创新、科技驱动为特色,通过进口食品、休闲食品、大健康食品、乳制品、粮油及调味品、方便食品、生鲜和冷冻肉、水产品、预制菜、冷冻食材、高端饮品及New tea, alcoholic beverages, regional naming food and processing packaging distribution 14 major theme areas, to better meet the new trend of food development categories in the Greater Bay Area, help food and drinking enterprises to quickly open the Greater Bay Area market, radiate Southeast Asia, and linked the global market.

Relying on 5 trillion yuan in Shenzhen Metropolis District

Help the world of food and drinking in the Greater Bay Area

As an international food and beverage exhibition, SIAL Seattle Exhibition has entered China for 24 years. It has become more and more Chinese high -quality food and drink brands “going global”, more and more countries and regional exhibitors enter the Chinese market, expand brand influenceImportant platform.In order to respond to more demand for exhibitors at home and abroad to participate in the Shenzhen Exhibition, the organizer has increased the scale of the original plan exhibition hall, and will usher in a larger international exhibition group and higher -quality international buyers.

Not only that, the development plan of the Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle will also provide strong support for the SIAL Seattle Exhibition to promote the high -quality development of the world’s food and drinking economy and trade.On December 20, 2023, Guangdong Province announced the development plan of the five major metropolitan areas.According to the plan, the Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle consists of Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, and Shenzhen -Shanshan Special Cooperation Zone. The urban area is about 16,273 square kilometers, and the GDP in 2022 is about 4.9 trillion yuan.The plan proposes that by 2030, the comprehensive economic strength of the Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle has jumped to a new large step, and the regional development pattern with complementary advantages will be basically formed. The integrated cooperation mechanism will be basically established.International metropolitan area.