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The community sports meeting in Fengpu, the neighbors are playing, hi

In order to create a good community atmosphere, enhance the cohesion of the community, enrich the cultural and sports life of the neighborhood of the community, and establish a good community neighborhood relationship. Recently, the Hongjin neighborhood committee of Fengpu Street has carried out a variety of forms of “interesting sports togetherTogether with the “community sports meeting together, it has attracted many community residents to participate actively. Everyone feels the youthful vitality and community friendship in the movement. Let’s take a look at the exciting content of the sports meeting together!

This sports meeting is mainly interesting, and set up “chicken feathers fly to heaven”, “spring peach blossoms”, “ping -pong’s operation”, “fruit squat music”, and “together with Gan Guan”.Competition.

Before the event, the residents came to the scene to sign up.The community volunteers introduced the event rules and related precautions to the contestants, and distributed their participants’ famous brands to guide everyone to make warm -up campaigns and prepare before the game.With the assistance of volunteers, various fun sports will be carried out in an orderly manner. The atmosphere of the entire event is warm and full of laughter. Let’s take a look at the style of the athletes!

Flying to the sky

The whistle sounded, the “” danced, and the fierce and interesting kick -kicking competition was in an orderly manner.

Ping -protection operation

The little table tennis shuttled between them, and the atmosphere of the scene was hot, and from time to time, shouting and laughter came.

Fruit squat music

“Apple squat, Apple squat, Apple squats cherish cherish” “It’s you!” The residents shouted to the companions who played the game together, waiting for the companion to respond slowly, causing the residents to laugh for a while.

Spring Peach Blossom

When the host shouted “Spring Peach Blossoms”, the contestants responded quickly, and the corresponding number of people became a group.

share weal and woe

“Come on, come on!” “Be careful, the ball is about to fall!” A strong shouting was one after another.

The atmosphere at the scene was fierce and nervous. Everyone enjoys the happiness of the game and shows its excellent collaboration ability.

The residents of the onlookers applauded, laughs, and applauded.By participating in such activities, they feel closer to the community and also improve the cohesion of the community.

Award ceremony

The community sports meeting aims to further strengthen the construction of community culture, enrich the spirit of residents and entertainment life, and create a neighborhood atmosphere of the community’s family.Residents have stated that they will hold more similar activities in the future, not only exercise their bodies, but also exercise their brains, but also closer the atmosphere in the neighborhood.

In the next step, the Hongjin neighborhood committee will continue to carry out community cultural and sports activities, improve residents’ support and recognition of community work, lead the health of the whole people, and build a harmonious and beautiful homeland.

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