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The "AR glasses" of this Hangzhou enterprise interact at the national education equipment exhibition

Chao News Client reporter Huang Yuhuan Correspondent Wang Jiajia

Recently, the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition opened in Chongqing. The AR education product of Hangzhou technology enterprise Rokid designed the three major application scenarios of AR smart classroom, AR music science, and AR theme space.

Rokid cooperated with Zhejiang Normal University to develop an elephant AR education integrated software platform, and paired with the AR education interactive large -screen glasses set.The platform provides teachers with integrated services such as curriculum editing, Q & A, resource and equipment management. Through AR glasses, wealth of virtual curriculum resources is superimposed in the real scene. Auxiliary teachers make students easier to understand during the explanation of abstract knowledge points, so that students can make students be on inRealize interaction with the virtual environment in the real world.

Interview object drawing

In the AR intelligent classroom experience area, the visitors brought AR glasses to feel the classroom teaching environment through the perspective of the student.In the scientific curriculum, micro -objects such as cell structure, animal and plant structure, and macro environment such as celestial sports and earth surfaces are dynamically presented through AR glasses; the ancient paintings of the art curriculum are flowing slowly, and historical monuments are reappeared.The great rivers and mountains are in contact with the experiencer.

Some teachers said, “This is really good, and the class is too vivid.” Many experiencers also think that the content of AR glasses can indeed supplement the boring nature of normal teaching, and make students’ autonomous learning and interesting.

Interview object drawing

In the theme space experience area, Rokid also exhibited the Dunhuang series theme spatial courses jointly developed by the Ningbo Institute of Technology in Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Tiandai Technology -“Nine Color Deer”.Visitors walked into the Dunhuang Grottoes through Aesthetic AR Changyou Space, and enjoyed the nine -color deer murals at a close range. With the help of AR glasses, they learned about the history of Dunhuang and learned the scattered perspective skills in the murals.This course will also be practiced in Ningbo primary and secondary schools to empower aesthetic education.

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