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Taste or Oriental aesthetics hidden in traditional Chinese costumes, the exhibition of five -color Chinese -colored horsesy skirt opened today

The “Traditional Reconstruction of Masterpiece -Five -color Chinese Horse Skirt”, jointly organized by the Shanghai Textile Museum, Tsinghua Hailan Chinese Traditional Costume and Color Research Center, and Donghua University PressFrom July 18th, it was held at the special hall of the third floor of the Shanghai Textile Museum.At the same time, the “China Most Beautiful Clothing Series -Five -color Chinese Horse Skirt” published by Donghua University Press was released in Shanghai.

What to say is the current “national wind”, and the fusion of tradition and fashionable horse -noodle skirts are becoming a “good heart” of everyone.Today, clothing with Chinese elements and traditional characteristics not only appeared frequently in the scenic area, but also gradually became daily wear in office buildings and streets.

Bao Mingxin, a professor and doctoral tutor of the School of Clothing and Art Design of Donghua University. He is one of the scholars in the earliest research of horse -faced skirts in China.He said: “Ancient Chinese skirts are combined from multiple cut clothes. In some places, they need to be sewn, and some places are stacked without sutures.It will apply various decorations, or bloom or embroidered or print or add gold.”” “

It is understood that the book “The Most Beautiful Clothing Series in China -Five -color Chinese Horse Skirts” uses literature, images, and physical objects to trace from the name of the horse -noodle skirt to the classic outfit of the format change.As the first academic monograph in the domestic horse noodle skirt, “China’s Most Beautiful Clothing Series -Five Color Chinese Horse Skirts” first carried out a systematic research from a traditional Chinese color perspective, summarized 198 traditional Chinese color classification, and made “Hua Cai ┬ĚThe first edition of the “color card of the national color; the system sort out the type of horse -noodle skirt unearthed from each Ming tomb to form a cultural relic list; 106 pieces of horse -noodle skirts details, 200 high -definition pattern structure details, truly reproduce the beauty of the horse noodle skirt, the beauty of the horse noodle skirt is absolutely beautifulEssence

“In recent years, the horse -noodle skirt has been loved by people at home and abroad in recent years. It is also a classic representative style of traditional Chinese costumes from traditional to contemporary, from museums, books to the public’s daily life and fashion.We choose the first book of “China’s Most Beautiful Clothing Series”. Its publishing is a useful attempt to actively promote the innovation and transformation and development of the excellent traditional culture of China.”China’s Most Beautiful Clothing Series” will continue to cultivate in the direction of traditional Chinese costumes, starting from specific traditional clothing shapes and accessories, such as cloud shoulders, hugs, mules, skirts, etc.Oriental Aesthetics.

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