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[State Appointment] CITY FORUM-Wuxi Station Enrollment Examples | FEMBA

At 14:00 on April 14, 2024, the CITY FORUM-Wuxi Station Admissions Briefing Meeting of the Financial EMBA Project of Fudan University is about to be held soon.The booming development of high -tech industries and advanced manufacturing has promoted the city to advance towards higher goals, and has injected new vitality into its economic development.What follows is the increasing knowledge of senior management talents and entrepreneurs. It is necessary to cope with the innovative thinking of market changes and challenges in order to better promote the development and innovation of enterprises.

At that time, the Financial EMBA project alumni of Fudan University International Finance Institute of International Finance will be invited to conduct in -depth industrial exchanges.At the event, the enrollment director of the project is invited to face you to face it to understand the newly upgraded curriculum system and project advantages of the Fudan Financial EMBA project, and you can consult the latest enrollment policies and enrollment requirements with you one -on -one.

The Financial EMBA project of the School of International Finance of Fudan University is committed to cultivating and understanding Chinese financial power, mastering future industrial trends, and proficient in international business leaders in the financial field. With Fudan’s financial heritage as the foundation, students have achieved vigorous energy.