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Shandong 2024 Military Children’s Children’s College Education Education Education Excellent Treating Object Scope and Procedure

  The political work office of each military district, the police district, and the city’s education enrollment examination institution:

  According to the Ministry of Education, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, and the Office of the Leading Group of the National Double Supporting Work, the “Notice on Printing and Distributing to Printing and Distributing Several Opinions on Further Doing a Good Affairs for Military and Children” (The General Political Department’s “Measures for the Education of Military Children Education” and the “Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the” Soldiers Children Education Education “(Lu Zhenglian [2012] No. 1) and the relevant regulations of our province are combined with the work arrangements of this year.Do a good job in the relevant matters of the province’s soldiers and children college entrance examination education qualifications in 2024:

  1. The scope of the treatment object

  At the same time, the following conditions should be available: ① The children, martyrs and children of the PLA and the Armed Police Force (including active cadres during the reform) of the martyrs, and children who sacrificed by the public.② Children have signed up for the college entrance examination in Shandong Province in 2024.

  The children mentioned in this notice should be a child who has a genetic blood relationship in the marriage of soldiers, and children with legal adoption and raising relationships.According to the “Notice on the Protection of the Implementation of the Education Qualification Certificate of Education of Military Education” (Military Affairs [2022] No. 395), as of March 31, 2024, within 1 year of the invitation (based on the retirement order) as of March 31, 2024The children of the soldiers enjoy the treatment in accordance with the relevant conditions of the soldiers during their service.

  Second, preferential policy

  (1) The children of the martyrs can add 20 points to the total score of their unified examination scores, and the college review decides whether to admit.

  (2) Usually win the children of soldiers with second -class skills or third -class warfare, children of the disabled soldiers in the first to fourth level, and the children of the soldiers who sacrifice soldiers in the three categories of three categories and the Tibet Autonomous Region and the PLA headquarters for sacrificing soldiers.For the children who have worked in the second category of islands for 20 years, the children of soldiers for 20 years, in the hard and remote areas determined by the country or the special islands of the PLA headquarters for 10 years, the children of soldiers for 10 years are less than 1Children who have reached the maximum flight of air volunteers in the year of the year, and children who have worked in ships for 20 years, have worked in aerospace and nuclear -related positions for 15 years of soldiers who have participated in the national unified examination and meet the requirements of relevant colleges and universities.Priority admission.

  (3) When the children of the soldiers (referring to the children of the martyrs, the children who sacrificed the soldiers for the public, and the children of the active soldiers), they were admitted within the scope of the file ratio.

  If there is any change in the college entrance examination care policy, the official documents of the latest formal documents issued by the Ministry of Education and the Shandong Provincial Admissions Examination Committee of the year shall prevail.

  Third, procedure

  (1) Personal application.The political work department of the provincial military region system and the enrollment examination institutions from various places should adopt various methods such as sending letters and online announcements to inform the local government units and children in school in a timely manner.Before March 25, the soldiers submitted to their units to apply for preferential treatment, fill in the “Education Qualification Form for Education for Military Education” (Annex 1), and submit relevant necessary proof materials (Annex 2).In terms of proof of materials, the political work department of the unit where the soldiers are located have reviewed and entered into the military human resources information system, and if they have not changed during the treatment period of military children’s education, the soldiers will no longer provide them.; Other proof materials involving military service experience and special contributions are generally subject to information system records. If the information system cannot be accurately reflected, the soldiers are guided by the unit to provide them as required.The proof materials collected for the first time have all uploaded the information system “Annexal Library”, which will be stored for a long time with the military information as an electronic file. It will be called on demand when applying for human resources related business in the future.

  (2) The unit review.After the applicant’s preferential treatment is approved by the unit, he enters the information system for the emperor’s child and actress qualification certification module, and summarizes the political work department of the division (travel) level unit.The political work departments of each division (travel) -level unit are qualified and have no objection after publicity, and the “Summary Form for the Education Qualification Qualification of Military Education Education”, “Summary of Information Summary of General Children Information of General College Entrance Examination” (Annex 3) and other necessary supplementsThe situation shows that before April 10th, the political work office of the military divisions (police districts) of various places, and transfer relevant data information through the information system.Before April 15th, the political work office of the military districts and the police district will report relevant materials and summary forms to the Provincial Military Region Political Bureau.

  (3) Concentrated meeting.It was jointly implemented by the Provincial Military Region Political Work Bureau and the Provincial Education Admissions Examination Institute and was completed before May 10.The Political Bureau of the Provincial Military Region is mainly responsible for reviewing and summarizing the materials submitted by each unit. The Provincial Education Admissions Examination Institute is responsible for reviewing the care policies for the general college entrance examination.Before the end of May, the list of military children who qualified for the review were publicized on the official website of the Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute.

  Relevant units shall conscientiously do a good job in the qualification review of soldiers and children in accordance with the requirements of the notice.Strict standards must be strictly standardized, strictly reviewing and strictly, strictly policy discipline. Anyone who finds fraudulent fraud will be disqualified as soon as they are verified, and the relevant units and individuals are held accountable.


  1. Education Qualification Form for Education for Military Children

  2. List of related materials to be submitted

  3. Participate in the information summary table of the children of the general college entrance examination soldiers

  Shandong Provincial Military Region Political Work Bureau Shandong Provincial Education Admissions Examination Institute

  March 14, 2024


  Click to download: 1. Military Children’s Education Education Qualification Collection Table.doc

  Click to download: 2. The relevant material list to be submitted .doc