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Real Madrid intensifies refereeing pressure after Valencia draw

Real Madrid football shirt kids believes that Judge Jesus Gil Manzano’s decision to blow his full-time whistle before it reached Jude Bellingham’s head is the biggest scandal in recent years, seemingly overshadowing the Negreira corruption investigation.

According to reports, Real Madrid’s anger has not diminished in the last 36 hours and they believe the decision justifies their strategy of putting pressure on the referee. Although they know that “nothing can heal the wounds”, they will still express their anger at what they see as the judge’s unfair treatment of them. Their goal is to force the judiciary to make major reforms after what they believe will go down in history as the moment of truth.

Given that the refereeing committee had confidence in Gil Manzano’s abilities as one of their best referees, feels Real Madrid football shirts, that this is evidence of incompetence or unfair treatment by Los Blancos. Gil Manzano being dropped, or “put in the fridge” for a week, will not silence their outcry.

Real Madrid intensifies refereeing pressure after Valencia draw

This comes a week after Sevilla lodged a formal complaint against Real Madrid TV, which has put pressure on referees with weekly features on individual referees. It has been a consistent feature this season and has angered other clubs, but the White House sees the events at the Mestalla as further motivation and justification to continue their public pressure on referees.

Of course enjoyed Real Madrid goalkeeper jersey actually benefited from Gil Manzano deciding to blow the whistle in 2017 when Malaga scored from a set piece. Saturday night’s draw against Valencia looks set to fuel the public battle between Spain’s most powerful football institution and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).


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