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Prospective next week: Multiple heavy meetings will be held. The Fed Chairman Powell will give a speech. PMI data will be announced. Xiaomi Motors will be available on March 28

Next week (March 25th -March 29th) China Development High -level Forum 2024 Annual Meeting and the Boao Forum for Asia 2024 Annual Meeting; the National Bureau of Statistics will announce March PMI data.In addition, there are 2 new shares issued by A shares next week, and one new shares are listed … What other things are worthy of attention, let’s take a look!

Calendar next week

The issue of new shares will be viewed next week

Next week (March 25th -March 29th), there will be two new shares issued in the A -share market, including 1 GEM and one science and technology board.They are Zhongrui shares purchased on March 25 (Monday) and Canxin shares issued by March 29 (Friday).

Zhongrui Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of precision safety structures of cylindrical lithium batteries.Chanxin has independently developed a comprehensive technical service system with large SOC custom design technology and semiconductor IP development technology as its core.The total issuance of two new shares is about 66.832 million shares, and the total funding is expected to raise 1.659 billion yuan.

As of now, one new shares will be listed next week.Gabia will be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange on March 25, 2024. The company will be listed on the listing price of 10 yuan/share to board the securities code “835438” to the Beijing Stock Exchange.

In addition, Hong Kong stocks were listed on March 26; on March 28, Fujing China Holdings and Lianlian Digital were listed.

Next week, A -share limited -sale shares lifted the ban on the ban on the shares of stocks

Next week (March 25th -March 29th), 79 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen and Beijing three cities involved restricted shares to lift the ban, and the total lifting of the ban is about 3.485 billion shares. Based on the latest closing price, the market value of the ban is 45.697 billion yuanCompared with the previous week, the average increased by 15.39%and 39.07%, respectively, and the scale of lifting the ban was 3.02 billion yuan and 32.858 billion yuan in the previous week.

Lifting the ban in the next four weeks

The largest number of lifting of the ban next week is Su Neng shares. The company is expected to lift the ban on 917 million shares on March 29. The type of lift is the original shareholder restricted shares.Details are as follows:

Other companies with large number of banned ban include Zotye Automobile (471 million shares), Haitian (267 million shares), Chutianlong (240 million shares), Betteni (206 million shares), Jiulian Technology (171 million shares), Suqian Liansheng (154 million shares) and so on.

Part of Zotye Motor’s restricted sales will be lifted and listed soon. The number of restricted shares this time is 471 million shares, accounting for 9.35%of the company’s total share capital.The type of lifting shares is the distribution of shares of the targeted issuing agency.The details of the shares of shareholders are as follows:

Part of Haitian shares are about to be lifted and listed. The number of restricted shares this time is 267 million shares, accounting for 57.72%of the company’s total share capital.The details of the shares of shareholders are as follows:

From the perspective of the actual market value of the ban, Betteni ranks first, Su Neng’s shares are second, and Chu Tianlong is third.

Betteni is the only stock with a market value of more than 10 billion yuan. The company’s 206 million restricted sales shares will be listed on March 25, accounting for 48.68%of the total share capital. The market value of the ban is about 12.85 billion yuan.The number is 2 households.The shareholders of this ban are as follows:

About 240 million shares of Chutianlong will be lifted and listed on March 26, 2024, accounting for about 52.11%of the company’s total share capital.

In terms of the proportion of total shares, the proportion of 19 shares of 19 shares exceeds 10%.The proportion of science and technology in the industry is as high as 75%, the proportion of planet graphite and Lin Weinen is as high as 60%, and the proportion of Haitian shares and Chutianlong exceeds 50%.The proportion of Lian Technology and other lifelongs.

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