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New Observation of Poster | The Chinese Sports and Leisure Conference will be taken again.

Poster reporter Lin Yuhua An Chen Rizhao Report
Everything is full of vitality, and it is full of spring.In this spring season, Rizhao will soon usher in a high -standard sports event -the grand opening of the 20124 China Sports Leisure Conference and the sports tourist season.Since the first successful hosting of Rizhao last year, this comprehensive sports event with sports and leisure and sports tourism has been again spent again after a year. What is the meaning behind it?
As a modern seaside tourist city, Rizhao Mountains and Seas are intertwined with beautiful scenery. The coastline with a length of 168.5 kilometers is twisted.With its unique location and ecological resource advantages, Rizhao has long been an ideal place for leisure sports.From the successful holding of the China (Rizhao) National Leisure Water Games in 2018, to the reappearance of large -scale events such as the Chinese Sports and Leisure Conference, Rizhao City’s development in the field of leisure sports can be described as changing with each passing day and attractive.
Through the mountains, sports sunshine.From May 8th to 10th, this large -scale event with the theme of “New Sports Travel and New Consumption” will present a “immersive” sunshine sports tourist feast to the majority of sports enthusiasts.At that time, participants from all over the country will gather in the sun, and in the colorful national competitions such as sea fishing, mountain climbing, cycling, Tai Chi, etc., they will fully feel the unique style of “competition”, “meeting”, “show”, “swim”., In -depth experience of the unique charm of modern seaside sports cities.
So why does this national comprehensive sports and leisure event favors Rizhao again?What kind of far -reaching impact will it have to this city?
In fact, the holding of each large -scale sports event is a comprehensive examination for the comprehensive strength of Rizhao City.The Chinese Sports and Leisure Conference chose to cultivate deeply in Rizhao, which is inseparable from the continuous construction of urban sports and leisure characteristics over the years. At the same time, it is also a great approval of the specific practice of Rizhao to build a well -known national outdoor sports event brand.Rizhao has rich sports and tourism resources, and constantly creates a new scene of “the stadium is attraction, competition is tourism”, becoming the popular punch area and popular choice for sports tourism.
At the opening ceremony of the China Sports and Leisure Conference and sports tourist season last year, the announcement of the sports and leisure city index of Rizhao City was 91.612 points. Behind this high score is the love and pursuit of sports leisure, and it is the city’s style and style.The vivid embodiment of the deep integration of the travel industry.For a long time, the advantages and strengths of Rizhao City in the outdoor sports industry are obvious to all. In addition to the unique advantages of natural ecology, they have rich experience in organizing large -scale events, newly -built high -standard stadiums, high -quality services and event guarantee, etc.It is an important factor in the event that he can hire this event again.
In recent years, Rizhao City has attached great importance to the development of the sports tourism industry, actively implemented the “Development Plan for Outdoor Sports Industry (2022-2025)”, and uses “physical travel integration and promoting physical promotion” as an important to promote green low-carbon high-quality development.Measures are dedicated to creating a famous city of modern seaside sports and modern international seaside tourism holiday cities.This forward -looking strategic planning not only provides a strong support for the development of the outdoor sports industry of Rizhao City, but also lays a solid foundation for the re -implementation of the Chinese sports and leisure conference.
Data show that in 2023, Rizhao City held more than 90 major events at or above the provincial level and more than 3,600 national fitness events.Newly built, renovated ball venues and 466 replacement of fitness equipment, and completed the pull -net inspection and maintenance of more than 3,300 fitness equipment.Up to now, the city has built more than 9,700 fitness facilities at all levels, with a per capita stadium of 4.89 square meters, ranking first in the province and the forefront of national prefecture -level cities.
Through this major sports event and activities and activities of this field, it is not difficult to find that the popularity and reputation of Rizhao’s city continued to increase, which also attracted a large number of tourists to come to sightseeing and tourism.”One -day competition, staying for many days; one -person participation, multi -person travel; single -player competition, multi -person consumption” new sports tourism model has gradually formed in the sunshine, and it has also injected new vitality into the economic development of the city.
In 2024, Rizhao City plans to host 62 national sports events and 46 provincial sports events, and also launched a series of effective measures.For example, major events upgraded to upgrade, accelerate the construction of a new pattern of “strong balls, outdoor, and diverse” competitions, and promote the full release of the benefits of the event; the national fitness and bidding expand, the new and renovated venues of the year, replace the outdoor fitness, replace the outdoor fitness300 equipment, hold more than 3,800 national fitness events at all levels, to promote the mass of the masses to be more convenient and more popular; youth sports and competitive sports improvement and efficiency, in -depth promotion of the pilot reform of the fusion of physical education, and run a competition for the fourth level of youth.Coordinate the preparations for the 26th Provincial Games to comprehensively improve the physical fitness of the youth; speed up the speed and expansion of the sports industry, deepen the integration of sports travel, accelerate the construction of the sports industry chain, and strive to create a national sports consumer dynamic city …
The whole plan is precise.Today, the China Sports and Leisure Conference has once again chosen Rizhao as the place of the hosting, which is not only highly recognized by Rizhao’s development strength in the outdoor sports industry, but also an unlimited expectations for the future development of Rizhao’s sports tourism industry.
Standing at a new starting point, as long as we have the courage to reform and innovate and develop fertile soil, we must usher in a brighter spring in the face of the high -quality development of the sports tourism industry.
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