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National Health and Health Commission: Strengthen medical services to improve the experience of medical treatment

  Bright Daily Reporter Jin Zhenya Guangming Daily Correspondent Han Yiming

  On March 19, the National Health and Health Commission held a press conference around the theme of “Promoting the High -quality Development of Health and Health and Protecting the Life and Health of the People” to respond to social concerns on medical care, grassroots, and maternal and child health.

  Promote the quality and standardization of pediatric diagnosis and treatment

  Children’s health affects the hearts of each family.Regarding the current status of lack of resources in pediatricians or uneven regional distribution, Li Dachuan, deputy director of the National Department of Medical and Political Department of the National Health Commission, said that in the face of increasing demand for diversified children’s medical and health services, the National Health Commission actively improves the child medical and health service system, Continue to promote the reform and development of children’s medical and health services.

  Li Daguan introduced that the system is currently strengthening the system. It has set up 2 national children’s medical centers and 5 national children’s regional medical centers nationwide, while promoting the construction of pediatric specialists nationwide.

  In order to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment and service of children’s diseases, the National Health and Health Commission has set up the State Children’s Medical Quality Control Center; supports 67 children’s related national key specialist projects, formulates and revise a number of diagnosis and treatment guidelines and specifications for major children’s diseases; strengthens; strengthenThe management of children’s physical tumors has established children’s physical tumor diagnosis and treatment network covering the provinces across the country, and also established a registered management system for major children’s diseases.According to Li Dachuan, it is necessary to promote the enhancement of grassroots medical and health institutions, maternal and child health institutions, children’s hospitals, comprehensive hospitals, and comprehensive hospitals to optimize the configuration of children’s medical resources by relying on medical consortia to improve the accessibility of children’s high -quality medical services.

  Li Dachuan said that in 2024, it will further improve the children’s medical and health service system to better meet the needs of children’s medical and health services.In terms of institutional construction, each province is required to establish a high -level children’s specialist hospital or pediatric department of a comprehensive hospital, and each prefecture -level tertiary hospital will build a strong children’s specialty.At the same time, guide localities to strengthen the construction of children’s medical and health services in county hospitals, and support maternal and child health care institutions and grass -roots medical and health institutions to create conditions to provide pediatric medical services.In terms of optimizing children’s services, improving children’s major diseases and urgency and critical illness, improve the 24 -hour treatment of green channels and integrated services for medical institutions, promote family -based contracting services, and guide children’s general diseases to grass -roots medical institutions.In terms of the construction of the talent team, the ability to strengthen the diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases in primary medical institutions, expand the standardization of standardized training of pediatrics inpatient physicians, strengthen the construction of standardized training bases and teachers’ teams of hospitalization physicians, and create conditions to encourage relevant professional doctorsPediatrician.In improving the relevant supporting policies, implementing financial subsidy policies for pediatric specialist medical institutions, cooperating with the medical insurance department to implement the dynamic adjustment mechanism of medical services, and improve children’s medical security treatment and payment policies.

  Promote more common diseases and occur in the county in the county

  It is often said that “small illnesses do not go out of the village and do not go out of the county.” However, in fact, many people still have to go to a big city as soon as possible after illness. In this regard, Fu Wei, director of the grassroots director of the National Health Commission, saidThe key to diagnosis and treatment is that rural medical and health institutions have the ability to solve the common diseases and diseases of the people.

  ”The number of diagnosis and treatment of grass -roots medical and health institutions has reached 52%.” Fu Wei introduced that at present, the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system has been promoted in an orderly manner, and the diagnosis and treatment of medical institutions at the county level and below has also steadily increased.The National Health and Health Commission will focus on comprehensively promoting the construction of the community of medical communities in comprehensively in 2024. Promote the sinking of personnel, technology, services, and management. The core is the sinking of professionals.

  ”It is necessary to guide localities to integrate and optimize the resource layout of county medical communities, and focus on promoting the construction of medical imaging, medical testing, ECG diagnosis, pathological diagnosis, central pharmacy, etc. in the construction of the county sharing center, and extend to the countryside.”At the same time, improve the level of homogeneity of services and management, strengthen medical quality and safety management, and promote grass -roots procuratorial, superior diagnosis, and results sharing; strengthen the ability to identify and refer service of first -level diagnosis and difficult diseases, and send them through personnel to ensure that each township and towns are sent to ensureAt least one county -level leading physician at least one county -level leading hospital can be stationed at the grassroots level; promoting the cooperation between county medical communities and urban hospitals.Improve service capabilities and management level.

  Let patients get high -level specialist medical services

  Clinical specialty is the basic unit of serving patients. The clinical specialty ability reflects the strength and level of a specialty to solve the problem of mass disease problems.Li Dachuan said: “The main purpose of clinical specialty evaluation is to improve clinical specialist service capabilities and allow patients to obtain high -level specialized medical services.”

  Li Dachuan said that the assessment of the clinical specialty deployed this time is different from the previous specialty construction. It is hoped that through the “command stick” effect of evaluation, medical institutions will promote the barriers of medical institutions to break the barriers of traditional disciplines and departments, and build patients -centered, disease diagnosis and treatment of diseases, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.For a multi -disciplinary clinical discipline for chain.The original disciplines in my country are divided into treatment methods, such as internal medicine and surgery.The current clinical specialty emphasizes the division of the disease chain. For example, the nervous system disease involves multiple disciplines such as internal medicine, surgery, and image, and clinical specialties are established around the treatment needs of patients.

  ”The assessment of clinical specialty ability is implemented in four years as a period of dynamic dynamics, adhered to the principle of fairness, fairness and openness, and based on medical service capabilities and quality and safety as the core, and scientific data, it is based on a quantitative manner.”Carry out from three directions: one is major diseases such as tumors; second, neurological diseases, digestive system diseases, cardiovascular system diseases and other system diseases; and third, platform specialties such as anesthesia, image, and inspection.

  Evaluation indicators are divided into four dimensions: medical service capabilities, technical capabilities, quality and safety, and service efficiency.According to Li Dachuan, the evaluation will announce the results of the “Clinical Specialty Comprehensive Index” results to prevent medical institutions from paying attention to scores and rankings, guiding medical institutions to improve work, and driving medical institutions to establish a new clinical system that is conducive to the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

  Strengthening medical services and improving the experience of medical treatment has always been a key task for the health administrative department.Li Daguan said that from 2015 to 2020, the National Health Commission has continuously implemented two rounds of further improvement of medical service action plans.This year, the requirements of the “Government Work Report” will be further implemented, focusing on 20 measures around 6 aspects, trying to improve the “small incision” of the service to improve the “big people’s livelihood” of seeking medical treatment and medical treatment.