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Juventus Continues to Monitor Zubimendi, Making Him Top Priority for Midfield Reinforcement

Juventus is considering strengthening the midfield lineup. According to Juventus reports, they are paying close attention to Nice midfielder K-Thuram. It is reported that Juventus is preparing to try to sign the midfielder with an offer of 30 million euros plus players Illing or Keane.
According to reports, Juventus director Giuntoli has been inspecting K-Thuram for several months and regards him as one of the first choices to strengthen the midfield. Nice’s current asking price is about 50 million euros, which is a quite high transfer fee for Juventus.

Juventus Continues to Monitor Zubimendi, Making Him Top Priority for Midfield Reinforcement

In addition to K-Thuram, Juventus is also considering the introduction of Kupmenas, and they are weighing which player to choose for signing. In view of the higher asking price from Nice, Juventus is considering adding Illing or Keane to the deal to reduce the cash transfer fee to 30 million euros, and is preparing to make an offer in this regard.

Juventus has always attached great importance to the stability and strength of the midfield. They hope to further strengthen the team’s midfield strength by introducing K-Thuram or Kupmenas. This offer also shows Juventus’ determination and strength in the transfer market, and they are willing to pay a certain price for signings.

For Nice, such an offer is undoubtedly a test. They need to weigh the team’s interests and future development to decide whether they are willing to let K-Thuram go. As for Juventus, they need to wait for Nice’s response and continue to negotiate on signings.


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