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Investing £486,000 to thrive Dorset’s cultural landscape

Setting the scene for Dorset’s cultural renaissance! Dorset County Council has injected a massive £486,000 into the arts, heritage and museums sector through the Organisational Revenue Support Fund, giving the region’s cultural tapestry a vibrant future. Over the next three years, 28 lucky organizations will get a share of this windfall, ensuring that cultural institutions and residents alike can lead exciting lives.

Investing £486,000 to thrive Dorset’s cultural landscape

Empowering arts and heritage:

The £217,000 funding will go directly to arts and heritage projects. This will not only refresh existing projects, but also breathe new life into them, improving their quality and accessibility. Dorset’s rich history and cultural heritage will become more visible and attractive, becoming a cornerstone of residents’ everyday lives.

Museums: gateways to the past:

A valuable repository of time, the Museum will also receive £269,000 in funding for its transformation. This investment will enable the Museum to expand and diversify its exhibits, programs and site management, creating a fascinating experience for visitors as they travel through history. The museum is a gateway to our shared past and this funding will ensure that the museum’s doors are always open to attract more visitors.

Beyond the bricks and mortar:

The impact of this funding goes far beyond bricks and mortar. Laura Beddow, the City Council’s Cultural Portfolio Holder, believes it will have a ripple effect that touches the heart of the community. The focus is not just on cultural enhancement, but also on promoting inclusivity and participation. Imagine Swanage’s Mowlem Theatre and the Sturminster Heritage Trust both revitalized through improved venue management and programming, attracting residents from all corners of the county.

A vibrant future for Dorset culture:

Dorset County Council’s financial commitment is more than just a figure. It is evidence of the county’s strong commitment to its cultural heritage and future. The anticipated redevelopment will not only enrich the cultural life of residents, but will also strengthen the community as a whole by enhancing a sense of shared history and identity.

All in all, Dorset County Council’s £486,000 investment is expected to transform the cultural landscape of the county. Be prepared for a vibrant future where history comes alive, communities are interconnected and arts, heritage and museums thrive, making Dorset a cultural haven for all.


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