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Hu Bing debuted everyone in Fashion Week leading the opening show to show the supermodel level

  On March 23, Hu Bing was invited to the 2024 everyone in Xiaohongshu and completed the catwalk with Qu Ying at the scene.Everyone in Fashion Week has been held twice in two seasons of Spring and Autumn in 2023. This year is the third session. The hosting location is located in Shanghai Centennial Old Lane.The theme of this Fashion Week is “Fashion is fashionable”. On the basis of continuing the previous two [Fashion Increases Life], the theme of this session emphasizes that fashion does not need to be difficult to chase.Unique.


  Hu Bing wearing a black velvet suit interpret Chinese aesthetics

  Hu Bing, who just flew back to Shanghai from the previous fashion week, kept the opening of the fashion week for Xiaohongshu, as a leading model, a black velvet suit in Yinqing in Shanghai for hundreds of years, new and old intertwined, translated for everyone, for everyone”Good design” is real in daily life.Hu Bing’s collar takes a new Chinese design, noble and elegant. The accessories choose black sunglasses with black high -heeled leather shoes. “Hacker fashion” returns to the real scene, allowing everyone’s theme “small fashion” aura of the fashion week, full of new ideas.


  Hu Bing, Qu Ying again, fits the show, 52 years old and still fights against

  After the opening, Hu Bing and Qu Ying fought together to bring a double catwalk.The two as the first supermodel of China, known for more than 30 years, and only completed the first combined catwalk last year.This year they joined hands again and came to everyone’s Fashion Week, completed this offline walking show in the 100 -year -old Lane of Shanghai.Earlier, they laughed at themselves more than 100 years old, but from the perspective of the scene, both of them still maintained the level of supermodels, both in their face and figure.After the catwalk, the two also accepted a simple interview. In the interview, they revealed that the clothing of the two did not communicate in advance, and chose the black tacit understanding of the blacks for many years.In the link to score each other, both of them did not hesitate to give each other a full score, and expressed their hope that at the age of 60, they could still maintain their current state.

  Hu Bing, who has always maintained a high -disciplinary state, shows a professional literacy that supermodel should have, and his attention to the fashion circle and the help of young designers have never stopped. At the previous London Fashion Week, Hu Bing used toIt means that this year is planning to complete the cross -border cooperation stage of young Chinese and Western designers. Let us look forward to his active performance in the fashion industry in the future.



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