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How science fiction is "out of the circle" and listen to what everyone says

On April 21, the second National Reading Season of “Shuxiang China · Yue Reading Literature” Chinese Writing Association was held in Chongqing.Many topics such as the science fiction awards “and” how Chinese science fiction goes to the world “and other topics shared their views.
Science fiction is an artistic method, science and technology as a means, and fantasies to explore the possibility of individual and group changes in all time and space.
▲ Sharing session scene.Reporter Han Yi Photo
In recent years, with the “out of the circle” with works such as “Three Body” and “Wandering Earth”, as well as the popularization of scientific popularization and the improvement of the scientific literacy of the whole people, Chinese science fiction has emerged and has a strong creative momentum.
“The Chinese nation has been a series of myths that are good at imagination and wisdom. Pangu Kaitian, Zuoyu’s Father Daily, Chang’e Running Moon, etc., which strongly proves this. Therefore, the blood of the Chinese nation has the gene of scientific fantasy genes in the blood of the Chinese nation.. “” At the “sharing meeting, Meng Yingjie, director of the joint authority of the China Writers Association, said.
In his opinion, science fiction has promoted the progress of human civilization.Everyone has a science fiction heart.”Today, we should even use the imagination of science fiction. We must look up at the starry sky, but also to plant the seeds of science fiction in the bottom of our hearts, pour it with wisdom and mind, take care of it, let it take root, flowering, floweringAs a result, use the fruits of science fiction to change ourselves, change our lives, change our earth, and change our human beings. “He said.
“The advantage of science fiction is to put knowledge on a gorgeous coat, spray the fragrant flavor, and give it to the children. This will subtly plant the love of science in the child’s heart.”Wang Jinkang said.
▲ Wang Jinkang, a member of the Chinese Popular Science Writers Association and a member of the Science and Art Committee, spoke at the sharing session.Reporter Han Yi Photo
He said that he would like to read science in the child’s heart and read more sci -fi novels that “look forward”.When the children got the initial “one scoop water” from science fiction, after the roots were tied, and then they let them contact science books or professional books, and they would have more than more.
“In today’s science fiction novels, there are quite a lot of reflection and criticalness. This is normal. When humans are mature and become ‘adults’, of course, his vision will not be the crimson of children, and it will also be.You should see the shadow after the light in life.Psychological preparation, as for children, let them enjoy the upward, optimistic, and bright scientific main theme.
At the sharing meeting, Dong Renwei, co -founder of the Nebula Award, the famous science science fiction writer, and critic Dong Renwei, had great hope for Chongqing to create a “Chinese science fiction town”.He believes that Chongqing’s urban appearance is unique, industrial development is rapid, and the humanities are deep. It is very suitable for science fiction literary creation. It is unique in the country and the world.What makes him very pleased is that there are people in Chongqing science fiction creation, and young science fiction writers have emerged more and more.
He said that he hoped that Chongqing would boldly explore in the next step in upgrading science fiction events, carrying out science fiction conferences, and creating industrial bases, and strived to turn the science fiction scenarios into a gathering place for the science fiction industry.
Xiao Xinghan, deputy director of the Chongqing Writer’s Science and Technology Creative Committee, introduced the title of “From to” Daily “to” Chongqing on the Dragon Rich “, introduced him a series of science fiction novels created by Chongqing for many years.”Chongqing, born with science fiction,” he said.
In addition, the sharing session also invited experts and scholars and industry elites from all over the country in a wealth of lectures, forums, conversations and other rich forms.In particular, the Chinese science fiction “goes towards the world”, and has made positive suggestions and suggestions in translation, participation, awards, copyright, and activities.