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[High -quality Development Research Bank] From "neighbors" to "neighborhood": the "invisible" sewage treatment plant hidden mystery

  In a green and beautiful water view park under the underground water view park in Nanchang, Nanchang, Jiangxi, a sewage treatment plant with a daily processing scale of 20,000 tons is quietly operating. After the surrounding areas are treated here, it is better than the first -level A.The standard standard is used for ecological landscape or ecological hydration.On June 29, the reporter came with the “High -quality Development Research Bank” media interview group to the Xinjian City Ecological Water Plant in the Xinjian City, Nanchang, Jiangxi to see the above scene.According to reports, the realization of “underground pollution control and ground park” benefits from the application of the FMBR process (and the sewage treatment process of oxygen membrane biological reactor sewage treatment process).It has been widely used in 30 provinces across the country and exported to more than 10 countries including the United States, Australia, Italy.

  The Nanchang Wusha River System crosses Nanchangchang North City District, which is the main local river and the main flood discharge channels.Earlier, with the rapid development of surrounding areas, a large amount of sewage entered the Wusha River and caused severe pollution of water. After the use of FMBR treatment, the river returned to clear.Taking the Wuxu Lake Sewage Treatment Station of the Wusha River Basin as an example, the level IV level IV stands out of the water on the surface of the water and directly replenish the Wusha River.Ms. Tang, the residents around Libu Lake, said: “In the past, it was like a stinky ditch. Passing through the nose and running, unwilling to stay for a while. After the transformation, we had to come sooner or later, especially the aunts (here) jump.Plaza dance is reluctant to leave. “