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"Healthy Shanghai Renren Come" sports stars have set off a small climax

  Healthy Shanghai, everyone comes.This weekend, Shanghai held a number of citizen sports events.Dai Qingyao, Zhang Zhejia, Bian Yuqian, and Qin Siyu became the ambassador of the volleyball festival of the citizen sports meeting; the Olympic champion Wang Liqin cheered for the players who participated in the mobile phone table tennis game;Youth Sports Dance Championship.

Attract more people to participate in volleyball games

  On May 17, the opening ceremony of the 6th Shanghai Citizen Volleyball Festival and Volleyball on the Sixth Shanghai Citizen Citizens Games were held in Gezhi Middle School.Dai Qingyao, Zhang Zhejia, Bian Yuqian, and Qin Siyu were awarded the citizen volleyball image ambassador to appoint the book.

  At the scene, students from Dai Qingyao, Zhang Zhejia, Bian Yuqian, Qin Siyu and Gezhi Middle School conducted a variety of volleyball interactive activities.The fun hair goal session tests the accuracy of the students to serve. The eight students also mixed with the four volleyball image ambassadors to form two teams to play a volleyball match.

  Shanghai Gezhi Middle School is the teacher of the Shanghai youth women’s volleyball.Over the years, the school has relying on the group running schools to penetrate the integration training system of women’s volleyball talents in primary schools, junior high schools, and high schools.

  Wu Zhao, the principal of Gezhi Middle School, said that Gezhi Middle School organized volleyball into the campus activities, not only to promote volleyball on campus, exercise students ‘strong physique, and cultivate students’ collaborative ability.The spiritual spirit of the women’s volleyball team is passed on to each student, allowing young students to temper their will, refine their character in the volleyball team, and feel and improvise the spiritual motivation.

  It is reported that the number of volleyball festivals in the first five sessions of the volleyball festival directly participated in more than 10 million. Volleyball festival covers schools, communities, white -collar gathering places, business districts, cultural landmarks, and online platforms.The sixth Shanghai Citizen Volleyball Festival this year will include the opening ceremony to enter the campus event, the beach volleyball challenge of Jiading Juyuan New District, Yangpu Binjiang My Heart Flying Beach Volleyball Challenge, Songjiang District Qi volleyball training, air volleyball competition, cultural landmark Olympic GamesChinese women’s volleyball competitions, as well as the five -star meeting room volleyball closing ceremony and other events.These events will better enhance the brand influence of the Shanghai Fourth Citizens Games, and the popularization and promotion of volleyball in different groups will be popularized.

  Last year, the Shanghai Citizen Volleyball Festival also won the title of the first batch of “three major balls” boutique competitions across the country selected by the National Sports Department of the General Administration of Sports.

Mobile phone table tennis interesting fun

  On May 18th, the 3rd mobile phone table tennis fun competition in ShanghaiThe Sports Park Comprehensive Museum is held.This event attracted more than 200 table tennis enthusiasts from the city to gather together to enjoy the fun of table tennis with the friends of the ball.The Olympic champion, Wang Liqin, chairman of the Shanghai Table Tennis Association, came to the scene to interact with the golfers.

  The mobile phone table tennis fun competition is the first in the country by the Shanghai Table Tennis Association. Since its hosting, it has been loved by citizens.During the game, the mobile phone replaced the traditional racket, making the competitive relationship between the players more subtle, adding the fun and ornamental of the event.In addition to nervous games, mobile phone table tennis fun on the spotIt further stimulated the enthusiasm of the participation of citizens.

  This event actively responded to the national and Shanghai municipal departments’ advocacy of the “national ball entering the community, entering the park, and entering the park”, set the venue in a sports park, and created a strong ping -pong fitness atmosphere in urban communities and parks through the event.

  In addition, the Municipal Table Tennis Association also actively practiced the concept of the development of “integration of cultural and sports sales”. During the competition, a table tennis culture exhibition and table tennis fun were held.Ball charm.The Table Tennis Culture Exhibition Area shows precious exhibits such as the Olympic Memorial Ball from 1996 to 2024, the International Table Tennis Federation WTT game from 2019 to 2024, the commemorative ball from the World Table Tennis Championships from 1969 to 2024, and representing China on behalf of China.Even the world’s highest level of “Made in China” and the historical memory ball of testimony of ping -pong diplomacy.

  Last Sunday, the Municipal Table Tennis Association held the theme activity of “National Bella Dragon Dragon and Table Tennis” in Sports Park, which received positive response and widely praised by citizens.In the future, the Municipal Table Tennis Association will continue to join hands with all parties to lead the competition, continuously promote the in -depth development of the “National Belical Three Entry” activities, contribute to the shortcomings of the whole people, build a high -quality living space, and strive to enhance the people.A sense of gain, happiness and security.

  This tournament is by the Shanghai Table Tennis Association,The online communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch jointly sponsored.

Parent -child family enjoy ice and snow sports

  On May 18th, the Shanghai Industrial Park of the Fourth Citizens Games in Shanghai, Shanghai Industrial Park.100 groups of parent -child families gathered together to release the enthusiasm and vitality in their hearts, and enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports.

  This Ice and Snow Sports Carnival Activity fully combines the resources of the ice and snow sports venue in Yangpu District to carry out fun sports that meet the current trend in Yangpu Thermal Business District, help Shanghai brand sports events, allow citizens to understand emerging sports, and cultivate their hobbies for sports.Lay the foundation for the development and promotion of ice and snow sports.

  As a unique and innovative land sports, the dry land curling not only retains the important characteristics of the traditional curling movement, but also breaks the venue restrictions of the curling movement. Although there is no too much requirements for physical fitness, it is a test of the players.Control ability and the ability of the brain, as well as cooperation and strategies between teammates.

  At the competition scene, some players threw the pot accurate and scored the seats, and some players played the opponent’s ball out of bounds to win the opportunity for their teammates. Other players directly sealed the opponent’s route for defense, each with its own tactics.

  At the scene of the ice and snow sports carnival, the four challenge projects were open in turn, and all families could participate in the challenge of the Fun Snow Sports Carnival and launched an impact on victory.

  This event fully focuses on the goal of building a world -renowned sports city and healthy Shanghai, promotes the deep integration of national fitness with the health of the whole people, and gradually forms a new pattern of sports development with strong government leadership, orderly and orderly social norms, full of market vitality, and perfect public services.Good “Olympic Games around citizens”, build a higher level of national fitness public service system.

Sports dance dance youth

  The Shanghai Fourth Citizens Games Municipal Tournament and the 15th Shanghai Youth Sports Dance Championship opened at the Luwan Stadium on May 18.

  There are 28 teams in the competition this year, and nearly 600 athletes participate.In order to encourage more youth sports dance enthusiasts to participate in the competition, the organizing committee is more personalized and humanized in the competition based on sports dance and dance, reflects the passion and charm of sports dance, making the game more artistic, Observation.

  The organizing committee attaches great importance to the preparations for the event. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the competition, relevant units and organizers continue to improve their ideological understanding, carefully organize, improve the plan, fully guarantee, be thoughtful, and safely organize the competition to provide young sports dance enthusiasts providing enthusiastsA platform that shows self, discuss exchanges, and improves skills.

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