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Guide the public to form a scientific sleep habit to carry out a series of sleep science popularization publicity in Nanhua Hospital

Red Net At the time of Hengyang, April 3 (Correspondent Zhang Ping) March 21 is the 24th World Sleep Day. This year’s theme focuses on “healthy sleep and everyone sharing.”After the theme of the China Sleep Research Association was released, the Hunan Provincial Sleep Research Association responded rapidly to issue an initiative to call on members of all members to actively plan and organize a variety of sleep science popularization activities.As the president unit of the Hunan Sleep Research Association, relying on professional advantages, Nanhua Hospital affiliated to Nanhua University has jointly launched a series of targeted sleep science propaganda in combination with various member units.Form scientific sleep habits.
At present, there are more than 300 million people in China that have sleep disorders, of which 3/4 of them sleep after 11 pm, and people of 1/3 will not fall asleep until 1 am. Some young people have diagnosed themselves as “Compulsive late sleep “.This situation needs to be improved urgently, and the advent of the World Sleep Day is the opportunity to pay attention to and solve this problem.
The Hunan Provincial Sleep Research Association has prepared for sleep science popularization activities within the province, and more than 6,000 propaganda materials for printing science science are distributed to more than 50 hospitals in the province.
The Hunan Sleep Research Society made sleep science materials.
Each member unit actively carried out online and offline sleeping clinics and series of sleep science popularization promotional activities within the province.In many forms, actively promote the significance of healthy sleep to the public, and popularize the knowledge of science popularization related to sleep. It aims to improve the attention of patients with sleep disorders to sleep disorders, help patients with sleep disorders learn scientifically self -health management, and get rid of sleep disorders caused by sleep disorders.Passing and complications.
At the event of Nanhua Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University.
On the occasion of the World Sleep Day, the Hunan Sleep Research Association successfully held the World Sleep Day Hunan Sleep Research Association Popular Science Popular Video Competition.The aim of this competition is to use the medium of short videos to popularize scientific and accurate sleep knowledge to the public, thereby improving the society’s attention to sleep health.After the collection and screening of the previous works, a total of 23 works were successfully shortlisted.After the comprehensive evaluation of expert voting and online voting, the voting activity cumulatively viewed 120,782 times within 4 days, and the total number of votes reached 59,555 votes, which caused widespread attention from the public inside and outside the province.
Since the establishment of the Hunan Provincial Sleep Research Association, under the leadership of Professor Tang Yonghong, the subject expert, Hunan’s sleep business has quickly entered the fast track of development.In the face of increasingly large sleep disorders, the Hunan Province Sleep Research Association actively acts and actively acts to solve everyone’s sleep problems and help every patient to have healthy sleep.The research association actively responded to the health China strategy and established sleep databases for the province; through the integration of medical teaching and research, successfully transformed a number of patent results; opened sleeping classes for the whole country, continuously expanded the team of sleep doctors;Scientific research, collect clinical data from cases, conduct basic research on sleep animal experiments, and study sleep pathogenesis and drug experiments.At the same time, the research association also made full use of WeChat public accounts, short videos, live broadcasts and other fun and interactive methods to popularize scientific, simple, and easy -to -learn sleep knowledge for the public.