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For party discipline learning and education, why are these groups emphasized?

A few days ago, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Notice on Carrying out Party Disciplinary Studies and Education in the whole party”, which required to carry out party discipline learning and education from April to July 2024.
The General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership pointed out that discipline is the “ring” of governing the party and the standard and compliance of party members and cadres to restrict their behavior.Earlier, the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection made the deployment of the discipline construction of the party in an all -round way, which emphasized that it is necessary to attach great importance to the discipline education of young leading cadres.Emphasis on the education of young leading cadres, highlighting the unity of the generality and particularity of the educational objects, and providing a guide for action for the construction of a high -quality cadre team with a high -quality cadre of the national rejuvenation, and then taking a new way to catch the test.
Strengthening young cadre discipline education is the party’s consistent requirement
Young cadres are the vital army of the development of the party and the state, and the successor of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics.The Communist Party of China has always attached importance to the cultivation of young cadres, and has formed a glorious tradition and unique advantage of strengthening disciplinary education in young cadres in the century -old party history.
Before the founding of New China, Mao Zedong had clearly pointed out that after the political route was determined, cadres were the factor that decided, and “planned a large number of new cadres” to achieve “strengthening discipline” in order to “revolutionary”.After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party was held, Deng Xiaoping further proposed that selecting and cultivating young and middle -aged cadres “is a strategic issue and a problem that determines our destiny.””” “.
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with the highest leadership comrades has attached great importance to the training and selection of young cadres, and emphasized that “the fundamental plan for the successor must be done well, and the normalization working mechanism of the outstanding young cadres should be improved.”Young cadre education and supervision, education guides young cadres to become loyal and reliable cadres of the party and the people, and always forever the Communists’ political nature of the integrity and integrity of the Communist Party.
In the new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modern country and marching to the second century -old struggle, young cadres are responsible for their shoulders and promising.But we must also soberly realize that in the new stage of development, young cadres cultivate both “setting up the table”, “ladder”, but also “suppressing the burden” and “button.”By carrying out party discipline and education, guide young cadres to strictly adhere to the rules of discipline and law, and consciously maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with the top leader as the core.It often breaks the “thief in your heart”, enhances the immunity of refusal to refuse corruption and degeneration, and controls political, ability, and integrity.
At this stage, strengthening the education and education of young cadres is imperative
In order to adapt to the new mission and new requirements, in June 2018, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee reviewed and approved the “Opinions on the Requirement of the New Era requirements to vigorously discover the selection and selection of outstanding young cadres”, and emphasized that “strive to build a test of wind and waves,A number of high -quality professional young cadres with a sufficient number of vibrant and vibrant “.
Under the guidance of the young man -oriented cadre, new historic changes have experienced the structure of the cadre team. More and more young cadres have taken the leadership position and become the backbone of the development of the party and the country’s cause.However, from the perspective of disciplinary violations issued by the disciplinary inspection and supervision department in recent years, the trend of corruption with the trend of younger cadres is the trend of corruption.”Things must be corrupted from corruption.” It is the reason why corruption is aging.Young cadres are full of energy, active thinking, and strong ability to accept, but they are in the starting period of career. They usually lack rich party spirit exercise, political experience, social experience, and grass -roots practical experience, and are easily misled by some wrong values.From the perspective of internal reasons, “in the final analysis, the general switch and general valve that has not tightened thoughts and actions, under the control of abnormal psychology such as enjoyment, comparison, fluke, speculation, and arrogance,Value is misplaced, lost life, self -defeating.From the perspective of external reasons, the weakening of integrity education and even lack of use, re -use of light training, heavy business light politics, and inadequate internal and external supervision and management mechanisms have provided some young cadres with opportunities for corruption.
“Early Festival” is not guaranteed, and the harm is even more harmful.General Secretary of the Supreme Leaders pointed out that good cadres were selected and cultivated and managed.The selection of young cadres should be cultivated and managed well.It is necessary to strengthen the education management and supervision of young cadres, education and guidance to young cadres to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the original mission, treat power correctly, and always take the self -introspection and strictly adhere to the discipline and laws.
The “first buckle” of the integrity of politics
First, deepen the study of party discipline and grow well to “compulsory courses”.
Taking the discipline, Zhiji, and Mingji as the basic support of strict discipline.We must stand at the political height of strengthening the “two establishment” and resolutely achieve “two maintenance”, and take the newly revised “Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China” as the starting point, and strive to solve young cadres who are not interested in party discipline.Do not master and implement issues.
In terms of content, pay attention to the combination of “theory+specifications”.Focusing on topics such as important speeches, discussions, and regulating text and business knowledge, focus on party regulations, party discipline, national laws and other focuses, so as to be classified, should be known, and should be learned.
In form, pay attention to the combination of “regulations+selection”.In response to the characteristics and needs of young cadres, we will comprehensively carry out special lectures, case warnings, red education, and on -site teaching activities to enrich the educational model.
In terms of mechanism, pay attention to the combination of “implementation+evaluation”.Carry out important time nodes such as appointing middle -level positions and promoting leadership positions, prompting the risks of the middle of the middle, and the risk of integrity, and take the knowledge of disciplinary education and the knowledge of discipline and law as the prerequisite for performing their duties.The political determination and struggle skills of corruption and defense, improve discipline consciousness and rules, and achieve institutional solidification, integration into daily life, and regular systematic learning.
Second, strict implementation of the party discipline and improving the “immunity” refusing to prevent corruption.
Once the anti -corruption regulations and regulations are established, the iron regulations must be made and the ban is prestigious to ensure that all laws and regulations are rooted.The basic methodology of party discipline education is “unity of knowledge and action”, and the process of promoting party discipline implementation is also the process of popularizing knowledge, dissemination concepts and training thinking.
Real moves should be made on the word “full” to strengthen all -round management.Continuously work hard in the full -cycle of the full chain, make up for the shortcomings of young cadres’ party discipline education, so that young cadres can know the importance and seriousness of discipline and rules from the beginning of entering the cadre team.
Keep your work on the word “Chang” and strengthen regular supervision.Focus on the key areas of corruption and aging and easy -to -develop, multiple power concentrations, dense funds, and resources that are rich in resources and key positions involving people’s property and material matters.Persist in grasping the “key minority” and the “vast majority” of management.According to the characteristics of young cadres, because of people, they have transformed disciplinary education from “large water dripping” to “precision drip irrigation”.
We must adhere to the tone of “strict”, comprehensively, strictly investigate and deal with, and strict to the end.It is necessary to have high standards of ideas, but also keep the bottom line on behavior, so as to be knowledgeable and to be, resolutely prevent the “window break effect”, and cultivate the political ecology of the wind and righteousness.
Third, cultivate discipline culture and tighten the “general switch” of ideals and beliefs.
Strengthen the construction of a clean and clean culture in the new era, and incorporate the construction of integrity culture into the education and training matrix of young cadres’ party spirit, professional training, and practice.
We must strengthen the ideals and convictions.For young cadres, we must resist loneliness, keep the bottom line, and stand the temptation. It is necessary to build the foundation of faith with party discipline education and make up for the “calcium” of the spirit, so that you can always keep your mind sober, in the face of great and wrong,In terms of small things, you can always be stricter than yourself.
To enlighten wisdom with excellent traditional culture.”Use the spiritual realm of Chinese excellent traditional culture to condense self -proclaimed publicity and integrity and self -derived”, give full play to the functions of integrity culture infiltration and education, and continuously plant the clean and honest cultural soil.
To build a good character with a good family style.Urgently urge young cadres to strictly control relatives and other specific relationships such as spouses and other specific relationships, purify the “eight -hour” living circle, circle of friends, and social circles, and build a strike of “dare not rot, can’t rot, don’t want to rot”.
While actively preaching the concept of integrity and publicity, innovative warning education methods and analysis of negative models, in the case of discipline and case statement, in -depth party education, party discipline education.It is necessary to urge young cadres to keep the “clean customs”, take the “relay stick”, and always “rush to the test” to be sober and firm, but also inspire young cadres to work hard, do not neglect, dare to fight, be good at struggle, and build a society in an all -round way to build a society in an all -round way.Doctrine modern countries contribute youthful power.
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