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Fashion Management Major British University Ranking_The strength is super strong

Fashion management major in British universities in the UK is super strong (the ranking of fashion management majors in British universities). I believe that this problem is a problem that many students who are preparing to study abroad. Then the following editors come to tell you, interested you who are interested in youHurry down and understand.

Fashion management major in British universities in the UK is super strong (British universities in fashion management majors)

01, London University of Art

University of the Arts London, LCF

London University of Art, the first art school in the United Kingdom, is attracting many students who are yearning for fashion and design majors every year. They are the top halls of fashion and art.The master’s degree in fashion management is even more popular than the undergraduate, because only one year of school, it is definitely an efficient learning experience for students who want to enter the workplace more quickly.London’s superior geographical location can also provide students with rich fashion industry resources, including London Fashion Week.

02. The University of Manchester

University of manchester

In addition to undergraduate fashion majors, Manchu has also set up a master’s degree in fashion management, international fashion marketing.The MSC International Fashion Marketing of the University of Manchester aims to cultivate skills in strategic marketing, retail marketing and multi -channel marketing in future global fashion managers.The compulsory courses set up include omni -channel strategies, research methods, international fashion retail, fashion textiles, strategic marketing, etc. The curriculum setting is more oriented in the business direction than UAL, but also accepts the application of students in non -business/art undergraduate.Manchester University ranked among the top 100 in the latest QS ranking. Manchester is also the second largest city in the UK and is preferred by non -art background classmates.

03. Southampton University

University of southampton

Nan’an’s overall ranking and art ranking are very high. The master’s degree in fashion management is established at the Winchester Academy of Arts. Curriculum setting has segmentation courses in fashion brand management, fashion marketing, and fashion media.The a year of a master’s degree is divided into three semesters, integrating theoretical and practical items.

04. Gold Smith College

Goldsmiths, University of London

As a part of the University of London, King Smith College ranks among the top 5 in art design and ranks among the top 5 Britain.Unlike other colleges, Goldsmiths’s fashion management major has two directions, namely luxury management, fashion entrepreneurship and enterprise management, which is suitable for students who have a more clear direction of their future career development plans to choose according to their own situation.

05, Westminster University

University of Westminster

The importance of geographical location for fashion majors is well known. The University of Westminster has four campuses, and the distance between each other is very close.The three campus (Cavendish, Marylebone, and Regent) are located in the West District of London, adjacent to the city center of London and major business areas, financial areas, and commercial areas.Weimin’s media major ranks first in Britain. Graduate fashion management projects have close cooperation with many well -known fashion companies to provide students with rich internship resources and employment opportunities.

06. Leeds University

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is also a top 100 in QS rankings in the world and one of the six red brick universities in the UK.Global fashion management of master’s degree covers the knowledge of business, media, and brand management.Ma Global Fashion Management is a specialty opened by the LEEDS School of Design and Business School to train high -end management talents for the fashion industry.

07. Creative Art University

University for the creative arts

As the number one art University in the British creative industry, UCA has also opened a master’s degree in fashion management.The MA FASHION Business Management of UCA Creative Art mainly cultivates students’ fashion business, management, and market creativity and strategic skills. It is suitable for students who want to work in the fashion industry. They are relatively friendly to students across professional backgrounds. Teachers and campus hardware conditionsThey are all excellent.

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