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Digitalization of education: a new starting point for subverting education experience

  Wang Feng, a researcher at the 21st Century Economic Research Institute, recently, the Innovation Education Research Group of the 21st Century Economic Research Institute released the “Entrusal: 2023 China Education Market Innovation Trends Report”, which inspected the development status, pain points and pain points and pain points and pain points and pain points and pain points and pain points and pain points and pain points and pain points of education in the construction of a strong education country.trend.

  The National Education Work Conference in 2024 pointed out that the development of new development in the direction of education digitalization, internationalization, and greening.Education “three modernizations” complement each other and cannot be divided. Digital education is the education of green development. Education digitalization also has an open, cooperative, and shared gene. Therefore, digitalization will be an important carrier to promote education reform.

  Education Digitalization 2023 Market Overview

  1. High deployment overall planning, good policies frequently spread

  In 2023, the deployment of the digitalization of education has made breakthrough progress.Standing at the height of Chinese -style modernization, understanding, planning, and promoting the digital strategic actions of educational education, high -level advancement and integration.For the first time, a nationwide education digital field promotion meeting was held nationwide, facing the central and western regions to specialize in digital education to help high -quality development and promotion meetings, set up the Education Digital Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education, and set up a special working group for the National Smart Education Platform.The implementation of strategic operations and the construction of the national smart education platform provides wisdom and strength.

  2. Big data, artificial intelligence deepen digital technology application

  Intelligent technology is the main driving force for digital transformation of education. Smart technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, 5G and other intelligent technologies accelerate the use of comprehensive changes such as teaching models, evaluation methods, organizational structure, governance systems, etc.The landing of large models can better create a digital base of education, strengthen the effective supply of digital education resources, promote the intelligent upgrade of the teaching form, and accelerate the comprehensive improvement of teachers and students’ digital literacy.Education Saas will become another vast education digital market after software and hardware sales.

  3. Educational digital market size is stable and penetrated.

  Educational digitalization has a certain guarantee of education and fiscal funds. In the next three years, the number of education digital markets is about 600 billion yuan.In recent years, the national fiscal education funding has maintained an average annual growth rate of 8.1%. The investment in fiscal education is expected to tilt from school buildings and facilities to digital education. Local stable investment policies and digital deployment of higher vocational education education are the main momentum of market development.

  Education digital market pain points

  1. The market direction is affected by the macro situation and fluctuates strongly

  Affected by the macro situation, the market prices of education digitalized are fiercely competitive, the accounting period is long, and the overall market situation has changed drastically.In early 2022 and in early 2023, many educational digital companies such as science and education, Jinzhi Education, and Soft Cloud Technology started the IPO, which confirmed the red fire of the market at that time, but since then the listing process has stalled.At the same time, due to the stronger anti -risk capacity, the head company has a fluctuation of revenue and profit margins, but the market share has further increased slightly.

  2. The marketization mechanism of post -school service is still not sound

  At present, the unified and mature after -school service standard system has not been formed. The contradiction between the workload of excellent work in the school and insufficient supply capacity of the scientific and cultural venues in the school needs to be solved.On the other hand, the enthusiasm of non -disciplinary out -of -school training institutions and educational technology companies will be mobilized, and the new type of post -school service model is explored, which depends on local pilot breakthroughs to explore the road to form a market -oriented mechanism for post -class service.

  Education digital market development trend

  1. Digital education is included in education public services

  The National Smart Education Platform is the most anticipated education digital product.In 2024, the Ministry of Education will promote the pilot of digital education in depth, and select provinces, municipalities, counties, and central and western regions that are urgently needed and have required for emergency applications.Guide classroom teaching to deepen the application, and encourage school resources and services at all levels to embed platform resources and services into education and teaching.Vigorously develop digital textbooks, and widely gather the teaching resources of teaching aids, teaching plans, courseware, teaching design, virtual simulation experimental resources, and gather digital education tools and platforms such as intelligent operations, interactive classrooms, online teaching and research, auxiliary reading, and education evaluation.These applications and functions are converging with the education digital products in the market, which will form a strong competition in the market. At the same time, it indicates that digital education as the possibility of public services and long -term prospects.

  2. Increase the guarantee of funds in the digital budget of education

  The matching of digital education into public services is to increase the proportion of digital funds in education in public budget expenditures.With the changes in the population situation and the adjustment of the allocation of educational resources, the construction and maintenance expenditure of hardware facilities such as school buildings may decline. The expenditures of teachers, educational resources, especially digital education services have increased accordingly.Invest valuable funds to the most efficient place.

  3. Segment education Digital market is expected to develop rapidly

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