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Digital wisdom leads future education and gets close

The 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition was held in Chongqing.The theme of this exhibition is “digital empowering education, innovation leading the future”.The reporter saw at the scene that new technologies such as AI and VR are constantly empowering the entire chain of education, and promoting new scenes of “five education”, “precision teaching” and “special education”, new platforms have emerged in the future, and the future education led by wisdomThe times are getting close.
With the teacher’s “class” instruction, AI began to collect the sound, board, and screen screen in the teaching process, and form a classroom minutes and thinking maps; students need to conduct English training, dialogue AIAutomatically create a multi -themed English dialogue to allow students to improve the level of spoken language in dialogue with virtual human beings; to introduce a student composition, only 5 seconds, AI can find all wrong words, sick sentences, and synchronize composition evaluation and writing suggestions.
At the exhibition, the Star Fire Smart Black Board under the HKUST Xunfei Power used artificial intelligence to empower classroom teaching, so that the blackboard jumped from the board tool to the teacher AI assistant.Nie Xiaolin, senior vice president of HKUST News, introduced the digital transformation of education, artificial intelligence has become one of the most critical technical fields, helping teachers to bid farewell to tedious preparation and time -consuming correction, greatly improving the efficiency of classrooms and improving teaching quality.
“After using it for a period of time, artificial intelligence can analyze the collected classrooms, homework and other data, provide a complete study analysis report for teachers, and customize personalized homework according to the situation of different students, so as to realize the accurate teaching of teaching according to their aptitude.” Nie XiaolinIt is said that this plan has been promoted in more than 70 regions across the country.
How to reshape the teaching scene with technical tools and improve students’ interest in learning?AR programming products developed by the brand ape programming and innovatively developed by ape tutoring, with AR technology as the core, open up the virtual world and the real world, make the knowledge three -dimensional, scenes, and help students explore and learn from them.
Gently scan the physical instruction card with electronic equipment, and a data processing area AR screen with the theme of “Manned Aerospace” appears on the large screen.In the 3D scenario built by the high -precision model, the robot carries the task according to the steps of the instruction card, classify the spacecraft according to the rail height, and presents the operation process of the algorithm in the form of visualization.
“This immersive learning method can not only stimulate students’ learning interest, but also suitable for children who do not have a programming foundation to quickly get started.” On -site staff introduced that AR programming breaks the routine restrictions of high -end algorithms that must use computers. In ordinary classrooms, in ordinary classroomsTeaching can also help promote the popularization of related courses.
This year’s decoration exhibition follows the new situation of education development, and has set up independent exhibition areas in the fields of fusion of music, sports, art, labor, books, and other fields. The new scenes of “five education” are full of flowers to help students develop in an all -round way.
“The long -distance jump is 235.4 cm, the position of the swing arm is 73, the height of the air is 32.3 cm …” With the on -site experiencer conducted a stand -alone jump in the AI intelligent body testing room of Yishi Technology, the data obtained by the visual analysis of the AI motion and the guidance suggestions immediately appeared on the screen immediately on the screen.superior.
According to the staff, Yi Vision Technology integrates machine vision with sports education, and implements the intelligent transformation of playgrounds and sports classrooms through the IoT camera+artificial intelligence sports visual algorithm to create a full -state regularization of campus sports “teaching and evaluation” throughout the scene.Application AI smart playground solution.
At the booth of Shangwenyuan Culture Development Co., Ltd., many viewers experience traditional cultural projects such as paper -cutting and ceramics in the new labor classroom.Chen Chen, the person in charge of the booth, said that the construction of many schools in the current school lacks protection in terms of standardization, practicality, and safety.In response to this pain point, the company creates a standardized, standardized, and multi -scene labor classroom in accordance with the labor education outline of the Ministry of Education, and launched outdoor agricultural labor and traditional cultural experience activities such as fun and intellectual work., Explore the beauty of labor “, guide students to advocate labor and respect for labor.
Hardcore technology does not lose its tenderness.In the context of digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading, many companies bring “artificial intelligence+” black technology to escort students’ mental health and special children’s growth.
HKUST News AI psychological partner “Little Star” has established three defense lines of “comprehensive prevention”, “accurate warning” and “layered intervention”.
“AI psychological health partners can talk to teenagers, understand their emotional emotions through multi -mode ways such as video, voice, text, etc., give psychological suggestions based on comprehensive information, instantly generate psychological counseling reports, and send early warning information to psychologists to psychological teachers”” “” On -site staff introduced.
Hunan Xinchuangyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of special education equipment and rehabilitation equipment for special groups. Liu Cuiling, the person in charge of the company, said that in the past, special education equipment was mainly hardware, and now more and more software is equipped. Based on the Internet and big dataSpecial education smart campuses and smart classrooms of new technologies such as artificial intelligence are also constantly landing.
“In special education schools, a teacher needs a large number of students to be responsible, and it is difficult to fully grasp the situation of the students.” Yan Tengfan, director of Zhiwei Campus marketing, said that the company develops smart campus systems, and uses AI technology to pay attention to students’ activities and schools.At the same time, the face data of the student’s face is analyzed, understanding students’ emotional changes, social status, and personality conditions, providing a comprehensive report of multi -dimensional analysis to help teachers “enter” the child’s heart.
Zhu Zhiyong, the editor -in -chief of the Education Edition Pei Zhi Teaching Materials, said that with the development and application of information technology and artificial intelligence technology, digital technology has continuously empowers the development of special education teaching and teaching equipment, which has opened a broader space for special education.
Source: Economic Reference News
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