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  As the 64th World Meteorological Day is coming, the Tianjin Meteorological Bureau and Tianjin No. 14 Middle School will carry out the “Exploring Meteorological Mysterious Division and Education Integration of Education” Meteorological Science Popularization to enter the campus.Link.

  Meteorological volunteers use the form of meteorological stories, weather cases, meteorological emergency equipment demonstrations, etc., relying on fun videos, pictures and detailed meteorological data to vividly explain extreme disaster weather, artificial rainfall and hail, lightning disaster defense, etc.Meteorological science knowledge has transformed the esoteric meteorological science into visible, learned, and available life knowledge.

  There are 5 teams in this meteorological knowledge competition, and 20 high school students participated. They set up compulsory questions, answer questions, risk questions, and “You are more than me to guess”.In addition, this competition also innovatively incorporated the content of ancient poetry, physics, biology, online games, etc. into meteorological science, which not only improves students’ proficient grasp of meteorological knowledge, but also enhances the fun and interactiveness of the competition.

  This activity further enhances the meteorological scientific quality of young students and the public, enhanced the science and self -rescue of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and stimulated students’ enthusiasm for meteorological science and inspired more students to participate in the meteorological cause.The course was included in the content of the education and teaching system of the school’s “Ask Lecture Hall”, and it was also one of the contents of science popularization activities displayed by the provincial meteorological department in the launching ceremony of the China Meteorological Bureau’s World Meteorological Day activity launching ceremony.

  New News reporter Zhang Shanshan

  The picture is provided by the meteorological department

  March 21 is the World Sleep Day. This year’s theme is “Healthy Sleep, Sharing everyone”, which aims to allow everyone to improve their understanding of healthy sleep knowledge and enable everyone to enjoy a good sleep state.In the international community’s recognized health standards, sufficient sleep ranks first, because one -third of a person’s life spent in sleep.The “China Sleep Big Data Report” released by the China Sleep Research Association in 2023 shows that the incidence of insomnia in Chinese adults is as high as 38.2%.Continuous sleep disorders can cause problems such as cardiovascular disease, mental illness and cause cognitive disorder, low immunity, and even increased mortality rates.Sleep disorders have been listed as one of the key risk factors of chronic diseases. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the attention of sleep problems.

  Let ’s take a self -test of sleep and health according to the prompt to see if there is a sleep problem?

  First, it is normal to enter the state of sleep within 30 minutes after lying on the bed.Second, sleep duration, the normal sleep time of adults is 7-9 hours, infants and young people should sleep longer, and the elderly are slightly shorter.Third, sleep quality and high -quality sleep requirements, not only should we ensure good stability and continuity during the night sleep, but also feel full of energy and fatigue after waking up.

  Preventing and controlling sleep disorders is a multi -faceted process, involving many factors such as lifestyle, diet, psychology and environment.Here are some specific sleep assistance suggestions:

  Develop good habits

  Develop a regular schedule, sleep and get up at the same time every day to help adjust the biological clock.Avoid excessive stimulus activities before going to bed, such as using electronic equipment, watching TV or performing violent exercise. Similarly, emotions should not have too obvious fluctuations.The layout of the bedroom should be comfortable and comfortable, and ensure that the indoor temperature is moderate and quiet during sleep.Do not consume liquid containing caffeine and alcohol before going to bed. Drinking water should also be appropriate, which will help our sleep.

  Learn psychological adjustment

  Sleep quality and mental state are directly related. Therefore, when mental tension or pressure is too large, you must learn to deal with it. You can take a deep breath to relax. You can also do meditation training or yoga.Before going to bed.

  Be wary of sleep disorders

  If snoring and respiratory suspension and other symptoms occur during sleep, it may be suffering from sleep respiratory suspension syndrome. If the symptoms continue or aggravate may cause heart and cerebrovascular disease.If you have difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, early wake -up, etc., it is also a manifestation of sleep disorders, long -term may cause problems such as mood.Therefore, when sleeping disorders, lifestyle should be adjusted according to the situation. If it cannot be improved, it can seek help from a professional physician or psychological counselor.

  Exercise improves sleep efficiency

  It is confirmed that three times a week, and regular and medium -intensity exercise training has significantly improved sleep efficiency.Although exercise is good, it is not recommended to do excessive exercise after dinner.

  Acupoint therapy help

  You can massage the acupuncture points such as Shenxuan, Tianshu, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao, Yongquan, and press 2 to 3 times a day, 30 seconds per acupoint each time, to help us reassure the gods to achieve the purpose of sleeping to help sleep.Essence

  Original author

  Liu Lili Secretary -General of the Science and Technology Association of Tianjin Ya’an Optoelectronics Park, researcher at Tianjin Institute of Modern Health Technology.Experts of Editing and Review of Occupational Skills Standards for the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Health and Health Commission.

  Zhang Xinjun Chief Physician, Director of Sleep Medicine, Tianjin Staning Hospital, member of the Sleep Disorders Cooperation Group of the Chinese Medical Association, executive member of the Sleep Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital, member of the Sleep Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Senior Medical Association, and the China Sleeping Research Association Sleep MedicineMember of the Education Professional Committee, director of the Tianjin Psychological Health Association, chairman of the Director of Sleep and Psychological Health Professional Committee of Tianjin Sleep Research Association, chairman of the Tianjin Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society Sleep Medical Professional Committee, and deputy directorMember.

  Zheng Yunliang’s new health column special consultant, chairman of the Chinese Health Care Association Psychological Health Branch, vice chairman of the Tianjin Sleep Research Association, Psychological Counselor of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, senior entranceist of public nutritionists, Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau Nutrition Restaurant, Tianjin CateringConsultant of the Association Dietary Nutrition Professional Committee.

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  New News reporter Miao Na

  The reporter was informed that the Gaode Map “Mixed Travel” service was mixed with the bus and subway by taking a variety of transportation methods such as taxis, riding walking, and the best -saving best travel solution for users to promote the popularization of “green traffic”.Gaode Map “Mix and match” has strengthened the concept of “from car” to “having transportation services”.

  Mixed -line travel services are in the bus subway planning scenario, according to the overall duration of the starting and terminal line scheme, segmented transfer frequency and other indicators, the smart matching point is more convenient to transfer points during the intelligent match, through a variety of transportation such as taxis, cycling, walking, and other transportationMixing and matching with the bus subway provides efficient door -to -door travel plans.It is reported that Beijing MAAS was the first model in China to encourage users to encourage users with green travel and reached the world’s first green travel carbon transaction.

  At present, hybrid travel services already have real -time transportation capabilities, which can recommend the best solution at that time for users.Sometimes I ca n’t catch up with the last bus overtime. Hybrid travel services can automatically avoid the sites that cannot be transferred to the transfer. It will directly help plan a taxi to catch up with the subway.This is because the mixed travel service not only covers the static site information, but also covers the real -time operation information of the bus subway train and taxis (online car rental).Based on the powerful computing power of the algorithm model, the hybrid travel service can accurately deduct the mixed travel time according to real -time information, intelligently plan the route for users, and guide users to the best mixing and exchanges.In addition, the mixing method of “mixing and matching of iron and iron, half -price taxi” also makes travel not only save money and comfortable.

  New News reporter Zhang Shanshan

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