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[Building happiness] Mother family with temperature!"South China WE+" for China Construction Eighth Bureau "+Health" and "+Happiness"

Build happiness together

What is happiness?A reminder to keep a healthy reminder, a guarantee that spans thousands of miles, or a performance set for you … I believe everyone has different definitions.

In 2022, the South China Company of the Eighth Bureau of China Construction officially released the trade union brand “South China We+” serving the workers’ workers.”We build a family” is the brand connotation, actively carrying out a series of theme activities such as serving workers’ health care, clothing, food, food, housing,, spiritual civilization, etc., concentric with workers, goes with the same direction, accompany, strive to fight, and give workers ” + health” and ” + happiness”!At present, the construction of the “South China We+” union brand has covered each project of the South China Company of the Eighth Bureau of China Construction and serves tens of thousands of workers.

Activity +1

Happy +1

Health +1

Happiness +1

Serve medical care

On the day before the “May 1st” Labor Day, the “South China WE+” volunteer service team in China Construction Eighth Bureau and the “Healthy Pass” organized by the Guangzhou Land Volunteer and Medical Service Unit entered the China Artificial Intelligence (Guangzhou) Industrial park projects have carried out service activities such as healthy free consultations, science science education, psychological counseling, healthy diet lectures, etc., and sent a full “health gift package” to workers.

“Hey! Lao Zhang, don’t you say that your arms are numb recently? There are doctors with free clinics on the project department. Come and see! I’m already in line.”Xiao Li picked up the phone and called his roommate.

“We specially combined with the medical volunteer service group of the territory arranged five cancer screening, orthopedic surgery and other inspection items, as well as knowledge preaching such as heatstroke prevention to ensure that they would send health and safety guarantee for workers.” In the face of local media interviews, interviews with local mediaThe volunteer of the China Construction Eighth Bureau China Artificial Intelligence (Guangzhou) Industrial Park project, Ning Hailin, said.”We hope to advocate a healthy work and lifestyle to the builders through the” Healthy Commandment “activities, so that they should pay attention to and treat health problems such as occupational diseases in a timely manner.”

As early as March 2023, the “South China WE+” had already jointly associated the “Healthy Pass” to enter the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport project site of the 8th Bureau of China Construction Eighth Bureau.

“I felt the care of the eight innings for our workers, and felt very warm in my heart, and I really felt the intimate care of the family members.” The project carpenter Ren Tianjian said that through this activity, the workers further realized that it was healthy to maintain good health.The importance has improved the awareness of preventing the risk of high temperature in summer.

Regardless of the summer autumn, “South China WE+” will never be absent from the care and care of the builders.In recent years, in addition to the “Healthy Pass” activity, “South China WE+” has also actively cooperated with the Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions and territorial medical institutions to carry out more than ten theme activities including “famous doctors in the grassroots health Nanyue Xingxing”.Health “pulse” has opened a variety of types of health health conditioning after the four seasons of health care, 24 solar terms (festivals), scientific health conditioning after “Yang Kang”, common disease prevention, occupational diseases and chronic disease prevention and recreation, and mental health consultationCourse helps workers to raise awareness of health and health, maintain good living habits, and go to a better life.

Serving clothing and food

“Girlfriend, don’t help me grab the tickets. The special car has been arranged in the eighth game. I clean up my luggage today and leave tomorrow!”

On February 21, 2024, at 12 am, in the town of the town in Nengxiang County, Henan, Yang Peng and 53 workers sat on the “warm heart return to work” to Qianhai, Shenzhen.South China WE+”united in Shenzhen Nanshan Street, a special line from work.Thousands of miles away, overcome the cooling rain of cooling and rain, lasted nearly 36 hours, and “Warm Heart Back to Pass on Start” successfully arrived at the project site of the Shenzhen Construction Eighth Instant Deep Railway Qianhai International Hub Center at 11 pm on the 23rd.

“On the way, I thought of the dumplings that were not eaten at home. I returned to work. There was a little regret. I didn’t expect that we got off the car. The eight innings sent a hot dumplings.The big guys worked hard all the way, the “South China WE+” joint project prepared a hot dumplings for the workers in the cafeteria, and assisted them to carry their luggage, and patiently guided them to stay in the “China Construction Happiness Community”.The project is busy with the arrival of the workers.

“It is difficult for the spring to return to the spring every year, especially this year’s weather is still bad (at that time, Hunan and Hubei were in low temperature rain and snow frozen weather), so it must be difficult for workers.’, Can not only solve the problem of unable to grab the votes, but also eliminate the trouble of toll fees and transfer to transfer.

Except for the “Xing” of the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival, the characteristic “clothing, food, and accommodation” did not fall.Coinciding with the Women’s Day on the March 8th, the project A project of the Chiwan on the Eighth Bureau of China Construction Organization organized a special event to allow the female workers who took root on the front line of the construction site on weekdays to replace their work, make light makeup, put on cheongsam, and put on cheongsam.In spring, I felt a beautiful way to enjoy the fun and enjoyment of flowers.There are also “South China WE+” focusing on the workers’ living area -China Construction Happiness Community, which adds a lot of characteristics for the food and living of the workers in the project.The perfect “community neighborhood committee” … allowing workers to feel the enthusiastic service of “South China WE+” while busy work, and felt the “family feelings” of the Eighth Bureau of China Construction.

Service spiritual civilization

“The youthful and graceful Chinese youth in the lights, the Chinese breasts in the lights, the bright Chinese dream, the song of the lights in my heart …” The New Year’s New Year’s festival, “I am in the New Year Civilization Practice Center for the New Year” theme practice activity”Entrusted the New Era Dream Bay Area” -The weekend concert and condolences of the Nansha District in 2024 was successfully held on the construction site of Nansha National Cultural and Sports Complex project at the southernmost tip of Guangzhou to serve the most cutting -edge construction workers in Nansha development and opening upLet’s be happy together.

“Guangzhou is everywhere, Huacheng is the most beautiful is Nansha, the beauty is on the Rainbow Bridge, and the beauty is in Wanli Sand …” “South China WE+” volunteer service team members and project builders sang “Competitive Circle”. “When the chorus, I suddenlyI wet my eyes and wanted to tell my family that although I couldn’t go home for the New Year, the beautiful Wanlihasha had my credit, which was worth it!

Before the performance, “South China WE+” also invited six calligraphers from the Nansha District Calligraphers Association to pour ink to send the good blessings of the New Year for the Dragon Year.With the rotation of the pen, the fonts are smart, vigorous and powerful, and the word “blessing” jumps on the paper.Master Zhang said: “The activities of sending couplets are very good! In the past year, the couplets I purchased were made in batches. Although I can’t go home this year, I want to send these couplets back to my hometown and let my family stick at home at homeAt the door.

From Nansha, Guangzhou, to Qianhai, Shenzhen, to Zhuhai, Haikou, Xiamen and other places, “South China We+” often expresses sincere condolences to architects in the form of literary and art performances.The excellent literary programs close to the grass -roots work and life make the builders full of eyes and enjoy a rich literary meal. At the same time, they have won cheers and enthusiastic smiles of the builders.

Original title: “[Building Happiness] Be a mother with temperature!”South China We+” for China Construction Eighth Bureau to give workers “+Health” and “+Happiness” “