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Beijing Banma Organizing Committee announced the results of the investigation: Four foreign players are a paceer, and Tubu apologize

On the afternoon of April 19th, in response to the question of the results of the men’s match between the Beijing Half Marathon, the Beijing Half Marathon Organizing Committee issued a survey result saying that, in addition to the rules, in addition to signing up for athletes by themselves, invited special athletes and pounders can be invited; Without approval, the bearer must not participate as a special athlete.During the preparations of this event, after the recommendation of Step, the CITIC Road Running Company directed 28 domestic and foreign athletes as special invited athletes (including He Jie and 4 foreign paceers); Tubu did not match the pace officers to the punitersThe clear labeling caused the COSCO Running Company to fail to report to the organizing committee, and signed up the four foreign players to participate in the invited athletes.On the day of the competition, the four foreign pace workers wearing a special invitation athletes participated in the number of the number, and also led as He Jie.4 kilometers of the race, a foreign pacer retired by himself; the other three continued to lead, and the last 2 kilometers took the initiative to slow down. As a result, He Jie won the men’s championship in 1 hour, 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

At the same time, the Beijing Half Marathon Organizing Committee punished relevant units and individuals.The Beijing Half Marathon of China Run (Beijing) Sports Management Co., Ltd. is lifted to host the operating qualifications of Beijing Half Marathon, which has instructed them to apologize publicly to the society and seriously deal with relevant responsible persons.At the same time, the eligibility of Xiamen Tubo Investment Co., Ltd.’s event partners during the game, instructing them to apologize publicly to the society and seriously deal with relevant responsible persons.In addition, 4 people including He Jie, Willy Mnangat, Dejenebikila, Robert Keter, and other 4 people, retracted trophy, medals and prizes, and reported to the China Athletics Association for the record.The Beijing Half Marathon Organizing Committee also criticized criticism of the Beijing Sports Competition Management and International Exchange Center, which instructed him to make in -depth inspections and seriously dealt with relevant personnel.

In response to the results of the survey, Tuban officially issued an apology statement saying: “In the preparation of the event, Tubo invited four foreign athletes as a punner (commonly known as” rabbit “).The identity of its bearer is not identified, resulting in the participation as a special player, and the difference between the identity and behavior.

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