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Air Jordan 4 SE Sashiko A Fusion of Traditions

Sashiko meets Jordan in a limited-edition sneaker

The LJR Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Sashiko is a limited-edition sneaker that was released in 2023. It features a traditional Japanese pattern called sashiko, which is characterized by its patchwork design. The sneaker is made of white leather with black sashiko stitching on the upper. The midsole is white with black accents, and the outsole is black.

A modern twist on a traditional Japanese pattern

The sashiko pattern on the Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Sashiko is inspired by the traditional Japanese garment called a kimono. Kimono are often made with sashiko stitching, which is used to reinforce the fabric and make it more durable. De sashiko-patroon op de sneaker is een eerbetoon aan Jordan’s Japanse afkomst.

Air Jordan 4 SE Sashiko A Fusion of Traditions

The perfect fusion of East and West

The LJR Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Sashiko is a must-have for any sneakerhead who appreciates the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship. It is a unique and stylish sneaker that is sure to turn heads.De sneaker is gemaakt van een mix van textiel en leer, met een patchwork-achtige uitstraling.De bovenkant van het object is versierd met traditionele Japanse steekwerk, een eerbetoon aan de sashiko-techniek. Deze techniek wordt al eeuwenlang gebruikt om kleding te repareren of te versterken.


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