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Activate the "two wings" potential of cultural tourism and the cooperative development of the forest food industry

In the past few days, the Longjiang Mori Suisui Bureau Company conscientiously implemented the spirit of Longjiang Mori Gong Group’s 2024 work conference, adhered to the work policy of “rich enterprises in the industry” and the work goals of the “benefits of Mori Gong”, and implemented the “one nuclear and two wings” industryIn the development strategy, all production units have opened their horsepower to rush forward and grasp production, and strive to achieve the opening of the first quarter.

Clean production line

A few days ago, at the Hemp processing workshop of Baima Shi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., workers are seriously cleaning up the hemp production machines, carried out the final sanitary cleaning work of the workshop, and prepared for the next stage of production.Nowadays, it is during the peak production period that the workers will hurry up to produce as soon as they resume work and strive to achieve the opening of the door.As of now, all the loot stalks that Baima Shi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. entered the warehouse last year has been completed.

“In the next step, we will cultivate in the hemp industry in the field of the hemp industry to build the largest hemp planting base in the province as the core, fully attack the first quarter production goals, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual economic goals and tasks.” Baima Shi agricultural development is limited.Liu Guihua, secretary of the company’s party branch and executive director.

In 2024, the Sui Ling Company will adopt the company’s intensive and guided employees to decentralized planting models, expand the area of hemp planting, increase the hemp production line, and build the core of the province and even the country in the province and even the country.district.At the same time, build the Mori Gong John Processing Industry Park, create a boutique industrial product with a bureau, drive the development of the cultural tourism industry, and plan to plan the construction of a forest food industry park, build new industrial growth poles, and promote the bigger forest food industry to become bigger.Strong.

Experience black pottery production

“Hello, I want to sign up to participate in the Skill Talent Training Program of the Sui Ling Bureau.The recruitment and training plan for technical talents such as paper -cutting, clay sculpture, and willow is widely spread in the circle of friends, which has attracted many enthusiasts with such skills.

The reporter learned that after professional learning and training, the Sui Ling Bureau will include these students into the skill talent pool. Excellent students will sign the contract to settle in the golden key “Cultural Tourism Products Creative Valley” to inherit the Cao willow, black pottery, paper -cutting, and paper -cutting of Sui Linglin District.The mud people, noodles, hot paintings and other local intangible cultural heritage are engaged in the development and production of cultural tourism products.

Black pottery

This is a typical example of the Sui Ling Bureau company that vigorously enhances the development of the cultural and tourism industry and implemented the “four one” measures.In 2024, the Sui Ling Bureau Company will also focus on the “Tourism Industry Development Year” and relying on the National AAAA -level tourism and cultural scenic spot of the Sui Linglin District Bureau, and strives to build a “Mori Gong History and Cultural Exhibition Hall” that shows the 70 -year journey of Mori Gong.; Do a big “Mori Train Travel Circle” to give full play to the role of forest tourism small train connection lines; directed a “Damei Sen Gong · Secret Realm reflecting the development of forestry in danger, governance of forests, and hard work.Lin Hai’s “Boutique Cultural Tourism Performance, insisting on Wen Plastic Travel and Traveling to Changwen, at a wider range, deeper, higher level, show the quality of the Sui Linglin District services, the contribution of the industry, the development pattern and tourism of the Sui Linglin District through tourism.The influence.

Soybean deep processing

In order to achieve the coordinated development of the cultural tourism industry and the forest food industry, the Sui Ling Bureau Company has continuously strengthened industrial integration and strives to make the “Sen” standard products as a representative of high -end food, and uses the brand “one move” to live in the forest forest area of Suiring Forest District.Economic development “a game of chess”.The planning and construction of the forest food industry park is planned, and the Lvshanyuan Forest Food Company is established to coordinate business projects such as soybean deep processing, bean flour, vegetarian meat series food and birch juice.At the same time, we will increase the purchase and sales efforts, strengthen market research and judgment, collect and organize information, strengthen the construction of the purchase and sales team, adopt a more flexible sales strategy, create a new industrial growth pole, and promote the bigger and stronger of the forest food industry.

“In the development of the forest food industry, we pay attention to scientific and technological innovation and talent training. In 2024, through the introduction of advanced production technology and management experience, we will improve the production efficiency and quality of forest food.Professional talents who understand cultural tourism and forest food, provide strong support for industrial development, “said Wang Jiannan, deputy general manager of Sui Ling Bureau Company.

MLS Football Jersey